Nick Saban’s Recruiting Pitch Got Recorded and it’s Unreal

Holy shit. It feels illegal to watch this video, but I did it anyway. Some rebel recorded Nick Saban’s recruiting pitch and leaked it on the internet, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Check it out.

Now I understand how Alabama literally gets every recruit in the freaking universe. How do you not go there after listening to that? In a two minute clip Nick Saban convinced this kid that by going to Alabama he’ll win a national title, go to the NFL, and completely shit on all the competition in the process. If you’re someone who’s been telling recruits ‘you’ll play here before you play at Alabama’ how do you not just kill yourself after watching that?

If Nick Saban has told any recruit ‘you’ll win a national title if you come to Alabama’ at any point during his tenure as head coach, he would have been telling the truth. The guys never gone three years without a natty, so basically every player who’s come through Bama has won one, and it’s pitches like this that make that happen. This really made me wish I was a good enough athlete to be talked to by Saban. I want him to tell this shit to me, or at least put it out to the public every time.


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