NHL Officially Reveals “Reverse Retro” Jerseys

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This morning after teasing the hockey world the NHL officially reveals all 31 “Reverse Retro” jerseys … and they knocked it out of the god damn park, well some did.

The NHL famously underdelivers on their attempts to release new jerseys. But these new threads are enough to make you go buy these just because most of them look hot as fuck. Lets take a look at these from division to division.


Boston. Throwing it back to 1990 trying to relive the Ray Bourque era is a great look. The yellow reminds me of how every year they piss away the talent of the perfection line.

Buffalo. These are sexy as FUCK. The words on the bottom are very interesting, but I do not hate this look at all. I think we should all be grateful that they did not go with the yellow slug Pominville days look.

Detroit. I mean cmon. How lazy was their team rep on this look? What was their thought process, “How can we be as bland and boring as possible”? I get Detroit famously has simple jersey concepts, but this just looks like a house league team.

Florida. I think these look very average. They look good, but they did not put any new kind of spin on these. It looks like they just found an old set of their 1996 jerseys and thought, “this will do”.

Montreal. These are cool looking jerseys. The only real change they made was reverse the red and blue. These 1976 inspired jersey is an honorable mention to one of the greatest teams to ever play. I hope this 2021 team does not expect to dominate the same way, because that will be some really depressing times.

Ottawa. OTTAWA from the clouds with these gorgeous 1992 remixes. Not only did Ottawa revert back to this logo for their regular jerseys, but to have a full arsenal of this logo looks really good. Hopefully this young team makes as good as a rebuild as their jerseys have.

Tampa Bay. Kind of genius if you ask me. After winning the Stanley Cup this past year, why not throw it back to the other time your franchise has won the cup. These 2004 beauties are going to give these TBAY fans some serious Vinny and St. Louis nostalgia.

Toronto. I think Toronto did the best job in the Atlantic at adding a modern twist to these 1970 classics. The Leafs after a huge offseason, are looking to channel the same sense of pride in their organization that these 1970 fans had.


Carolina. With no surprise decided to throw it back to the beloved Whalers jerseys. Like Toronto, they added a modern spin adding the light grey instead of the white. These jerseys are awesome. Thank god they didn’t try and add too much.

Columbus. The Columbus mother fuckin Blue Jackets might have won this entire release. These jerseys fuck. The old Rick Nash logo from where he was making the entire Phoenix Coyotes lineup look like they had tape on their skate blades looks phenomenal. The primary red looks incredible. These jerseys are unreal. Big time Capitals vibes though.

New Jersey. We love to see New Jersey with the old Jerseys. The classic green and red Christmas look is on display in terrific manner. These jerseys make you want to go full Puddy and paint your face just for the look.

Islanders. I mean what the hell. Did they accidently submit their regular jerseys? What a missed opportunity to give the world what we wanted. The fisherman. I’m not going to even give these a comment except…BORING.

Rangers. I think every hockey fan remembers the exact same moment from these jerseys. Marek Malik going between the legs. These statue of liberty jerseys are pretty cool. Nothing special.

Philly. The flyers kept it pretty simple. As a franchise their jerseys have always been kind of similar. The black shoulders have a good look. Would have love to have seen a more black dominant style.

Pittsburgh. These are a classic. The diagonal letters give fans the nostalgia of the primetime Mario and Jagr days. These look good. I would have gone bananalands for the baby blue though. Definitely missed on that opportunity.

Washington. These are either really good or really bad I cant decide. Job well done in the sense of taking a new look on the old logo. Again, would have loved to have seen the old school white, blue, black and orange-ish concept from where Ovechkin was scoring goals laying on his back, not facing the net.


Anaheim. I think we all expected the Mighty Ducks logo. But I definitely did not expect this one. These are so cool. They are unique. These will definitely be one of the best sellers in the pro stores this year.

Arizona. These Kachina remixes go crazy. The purple background with the desert bottom is so sexy. It will be very interesting however to see how these look in full uniform.

Calgary. It is finally here. The Return of the flaming horse. This beloved logo makes its return and it looks great. The simple black jersey with a couple stripes lets us appreciate this beautiful logo.

Edmonton. These are so clean. They along with many other Oilers jerseys have a similar look, but there is something about this look that just makes you awe at this jersey. Seeing McDavid rock these will definitely make you get a little horny.

Los Angles. Bravo. You have to commend the design team for this one. They combined the old logo Gretzky wore with the all time favourite purple and gold. These are so good. Congrats LA, you nailed it. BIG TIME Lakers vibe too.

San Jose. These throwbacks are clean and simple. The modern version of the Marleau X Nolan days. This jersey is not going to be a problem for anyone.

Vancouver. There is a lot going on here. Not sure how fans are going to react to this. Vancouver had so many options of old logos, jerseys and colors to choose from. But, they decided to stick with their same logo and colors… I could name 3 other logos and color schemes I would have liked to have seen.

Vegas. This concept of “Reverse Retro” must have been difficult for the Golden Knights. They have been in the league for 3 years, they have only had their one jersey. But for a team who had to create their own retro jersey, they did a good job. The red looks good, and to have their secondary logo on the front actually doesn’t look that bad.


Chicago. These throwbacks are clean. The feeling of excitement of seeing new Blackhawk jerseys has gone away from the 1,000 winter classics they have played. But there are no complaints from me on this classic look.

Colorado. This is by far has been the most anticipated return, and they NAILED it. This looks so good I need a new pair of pants. From the Nordiques logo intact and the Fleur-di-lis’ on the bottom complete this awesome look.

Dallas. These are another great modern twist on the old 1999 jerseys. The iced out white jerseys with the current black and green colors look really good with the old logo. Hard to find but easy to miss, the stripes on the sides and bottom of the jersey create a star. Unreal.

Minnesota. It is a shame they can’t use the North Stars logo. They tried their best to replicate the North Stars look but fell short. This jersey looks like one I made on create-a-team playing NHL18. The colors are great, but the logo is the missing piece.

Nashville. These preds jerseys don’t look bad. They are very similar to their currents. Nashville should have thrown it back to the navy look. The white shoulders are a nice touch.

St. Louis. These jerseys make me feel a certain way, and that feeling is FIRED UP. These are Rockstar. The red, blue and yellow color scheme is so good. I can’t wait to see these on display this season.

Winnipeg. WTF?? The logo is the classic original and looks so good. It boggles my mind why they went with these colors. Keep it simple next time.

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