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With a scintillating victory over the Houston Texans, last year’s Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs have kickstarted the season opener with a magical 34-20 score, and thus the NFL 2020 season is already underway! The NFL had suffered a major setback due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its unprecedented nature and magnitude, with the people being forced to stay indoors.Click Here to watch NFL Football 2020 Live stream NFL

While the entire sporting community across the world suffered, the American Football maniac fans were mourning the cancellation of the pre-season football due to the uptick in the number of affected people due to COVID-19. With the American football season in full throttle to the joy and exuberance of millions of fans, it is time for the epic showdown between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Washington Football Team.


Washington vs Eagles Live Streaming Reddit Channels

For the NFL-crazy fans based in the UK, Sky Sport brings the premium content throughout the entire 2020 season including the clash between the Washington Football Team and the Philadelphia Eagles live. The match will be covered live on the Sky Sports NFL and Sky Sports Main Event channels. With one of the finest ott streaming services that goes by the name of Sky Go, cord-cutters in the UK are at an advantage to watching all the premium NFL sporting action from this match. 39 GBP per month is quite a nominal subscription charge and a good deal for the Sky Sports Network channels to an eager NFL fan who wants to cover the entire season along with the content related to other sports. But if someone is crazy about the NFL and wants to view it exclusively, he can purchase the daily, weekly or monthly packages of Sky Sports Game Pass which come at the nominal cost of 9.99 GBP. 14.99 GBP or 33.99 GBP respectively.

An existing user of Virgin Media can opt for an upgrade on his ongoing plan by adding a few extra pounds and will be able to view the NFL matches live. A new subscriber will be able to catch all the high-octane sporting action from the NFL season by subscribing to the Bigger + Sports Bundle offered by Virgin Media at a meager cost of $65 monthly.
Washington vs Eagles Live Stream Reddit Free

Reddit has often come to the rescue of people from all over the world who want to catch the action from the live sporting and entertainment events without paying for them. This social media site is brimming with users who put the live links of various events on the platform. To view those contents, you need to simply create a Reddit account and sign in. With a relevant subreddit that links you to the coveted match between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Washington Football Team, you will be up for some mind-boggling and heart-thumping action in great detail and for absolutely free!
Watching the Washington Football Team vs the Philadelphia Eagles live in the US:

Fox will do a live screening of the Washington Football Team versus the Philadelphia Eagles game. For the NFL-maniacs based in the US, numerous live coverage options exist. The NFL authorities have distributed the official broadcasting rights of the 2020 NFL season to cable networks such as Fox, CBS, NBC, ESPN, NFL Redzone, and NFL Network. 11 selected NFL games from the entire 2020 season will also be broadcasted on Amazon Prime Video and Twitch. With the subscription of all the above-mentioned channels mandatory for someone who wants to watch the entire season live, the financial burden will be significant.

Thus cord-cutters are at a unique advantage as they can get their hands on attractive streaming services and schemes to view the NFL 2020 season. Purchasing the NFL Game Pass for a meager amount of $ 99 will allow an NFL-crazy fan to get access to the entire NFL season. While the Stateside Game Pass only allows the access to deferred broadcast of the games, purchasing the International Pro Game Pass for $180 for an entire season or $36 per quarter will provide live coverage of every game in great detail.

With fuboTV’s amazing TV streaming options, the NFL-fan community-based in the US is in for a ride. The service includes channels like ESPN, NBC, CBS, NFL Network, Fox, etc. as a part of its sports package with a combined value of only $ 60 per month. Thus it will be a cheaper alternative for the fans who want to watch the entire NFL 2020 season and yet stay in a budget. fuboTV also offers its first-time subscribers a free trial period worth 7 days. The NFL Redzone subscription comes with this package as a part of the Sports Plus plan for only 11 extra dollars.
Sling TV:

With a prolific TV streaming service in the form of Sling TV, the sports frenzied fans in the US can stay assured that they will be able to view the entire 2020 NFL season in great detail and only for a nominal subscription charge. Sling TV offers the fan-favorite Orange and Blue packages at only $ 45 monthly cost, containing the channels like Fox, ESPN, NBC for seamless NFL coverage. The first-month subscription is discounted.
Hulu TV:

The US fans who want to cut the cord and pay a nominal subscription, yet enjoy most of the NFL 2020 season in great detail could put their faith in Hulu. It is a great TV streaming service that comes with a meager subscription of $ 55 per month and provides the fans with access to NFL broadcasting channels such as NBC, Fox, ESPN, and CBS for the live coverage of the matches in immense detail. But the Hulu subscription does not include the NFL Network and the NFL Redzone channels.
YouTube TV:

To a fan of video-based entertainment or sporting content, YouTube is like the Messiah. YouTube TV has emerged as the most notable and a fan-favorite TV streaming service that allows you access to the NFL games through the dedicated sports-centric channels like Fox, CBS, NBC, and ESPN for a meager monthly subscription of $65.

Watching the Washington Football Team vs the Philadelphia Eagles in Canada:

If watching NFL in Canada has to be made into a cakewalk, then the fans should opt for the best sports-centric network of the country- DAZN, that brings all the adrenaline-secreting live action from the NFL grounds with ease. It is the ultimate destination for the NFL-crazy Canadian who doesn’t want to miss any action.

Watching the Washington Football Team vs the Philadelphia Eagles in Australia:

With the premium offering by the newest sports-based network on the block- Kayo Sports, the Aussie NFL fans are heaving a sigh of relief. Now they can get access to the best of the sporting actions from the NFL stadiums through their Kayo Sports package which offers an exceptional display and detailed coverage throughout the season.

The entire season, including the high-profile clash between the newly-named Washington Football Team and the Philadelphia Eagles, will be made available through the Kayo Sports package that includes ESPN and comes at only AU $ 35 per month. The first-time subscriber of the coveted Kayo Sports package will obtain a 14-day free trial that will give him access to at least 32 league games if chosen appropriately at the right time.
Using VPN:

If you are a victim of geo-blocking and catching the Philadelphia Eagles versus the Washington Football Team live is becoming a challenging job for you, you should consider some advanced offerings of technology. You can download some of the best VPN software like Express VPN or NordVPN that will allow you to subsequently disguise your IP and grant you access to the above-mentioned sports streaming services to view the live coverage of the NFL matches.
The impact of the pandemic:

The severe effect of the coronavirus pandemic across all of the US resulted in the cancellation of the preseason American football and throwing the entire sporting season in a disarray. But the NFL authorities decided to put their best foot forward and not to delay the joys of the sporting fans. They have decided to organize the matches in a dual-organization system which will supposedly protect the staff and players, safeguarding them against the

virus while the 2020 season is in full swing. But according to the estimate made by Forbes, this system will cost the NFL teams a combined amount of $ 5.5 billion. The dual-system of NFL match organization will witness certain matches with a limited number of spectators while some, like the clash between the mighty Washington Football Team and the Philadelphia Eagles, will be hosted behind closed doors with no in-person attendance.
The venue:

The Washington Football Team will clash against the Philadelphia Eagles in their home ground. The FedEx Field, formerly Jack Kent Cooke stadium is the home ground of the former, located at Prince George’s County, Maryland.
The date and time:

The Philadelphia Eagles vs the Washington Football Team match will take place on Sunday, 13th of September at 1 PM ET.

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