NFL Week Two Results: What Does It All Mean?

We are back for another week of over reactions and some more thoughts from this non-expert clown! Let’s get to it…

1. Packers are a good football team – Last week, I told you all of the off season garbage about the Green Bay Packers and Aaron Rodgers was overblown. I understand the situation, just like all of you reading this. The Pack want to look towards future, however there is still a present to worry about. At least for another year or two. You can’t just push out ANOTHER future Hall of Famer, can you? Not so fast. Last week, the Minnesota Vikings received a beat down. This week, the division punching bag Detroit Lions got theirs. This one a bit more emphatic and predictable. At home, you are not beating the Packers opening up in September. Try again. Rodgers was fairly mistake free foe the second week in a row. Next week will be tough though. A Sunday night game against the New Orleans Saints, technically on the road? Should we all just relax?

2. Tom Brady will be fine – Another repeat from last week, unfortunately. Seven days ago, there was a whole ton of wild takes on Tom Brady and a whole bunch of people looked silly Sunday afternoon. Same thing happens every time the so called pundits want to write off The GOAT. It isn’t happening. Not in 2020. Sorry folks. The Tampa Bay Bucs bounced back this week, just as I figured they would. You have to remember last was versus the New Orleans Saints on the road. Just like the Packers will find out next Sunday night, that is no easy task. You could be the greatest team in the entire world; it will still be a challenge. This week, “Tompa” was able to remind everybody why he has 385,473 Super Bowl rings to his name. The Carolina Panthers took their loss like the pushovers they are (they will be bad this season). Of course, Leonard Fournette scored two touchdowns for the Bucs. That certainly helps.

3. The Rams are a playoff team – Yep, another throwback to my column last week. Right or wrong, I do like to keep myself in check. I highly dislike writers who toss out a bunch of crazy predictions and then move on like nothing happened when they all prove to be false. You have to own your crap you spew. If you’re right, cool. If you’re wrong, cool. Take the good with the bad. Last week, I told you about my surprise playoff team in 2020/2021 – the RAMS! Yes, those Rams. So far, we are on the right track. Going to be a tough division, no doubt. The NFC West can have a few surprise teams this year. Until we get more of a clearer picture on the San Francisco 49ers, Seattle Seahawks, and Arizona Cardinals, keep an eye on the Rams. Absolutely crushing the disappointing Philadelphia Eagles will do the trick for Week Two. 

4. Seattle Seahawks are my EARLY Super Bowl favorites – Rewind to last week’s column once again. I just finished watching the Seahawks stall tall on a goal line stance in the final seconds up against the charging New England Patriots and the versatile, athletic, unpredictable Cam Newton trying to run it in at the buzzer for the victory. Nope! The Seahawks held firm. They had this game wrapped up and yes, blew their lead. Still, the heart of a champion is how you do when faced with adversity. They did just fine. Impressive win early on, as I continue to be hot and cold on the Patriots’ odds this year. Probably a playoff team, via wildcard. For now though, it is all about the Seahawks running wild all over the NFC. Next week, the Dallas Cowboys await. Speaking of…

5. The Dallas Cowboys lucked into saving their season – Week two only, and the memes were already flying in. Mike McCarthy! Jason Garrett? Jerry Jones! Dak Prescott! Oh man, it could have gotten ugly had the Cowboys lost…as they should have. Let’s be honest, the Atlanta Falcons had that thing packaged up in a nice bow. The gift was wrapped and ready to be delivered. Heck, I admit it. I jinxed it. I texted a buddy of mine that the Cowboys were about to be 0-2. Suddenly, they scored a touchdown, and it was suddenly a game. I thought “No! Not the Falcons. No way would the birds do that!” Oh, right. With their Super Bowl stench still all over the league, the Cowboys somehow found a path to victory. In the final moments of the game, America’s Team gets to sleep on a 1-1 start. Still in it, with a relatively weak division to contest. Imagine facing the Saints next week. Could have been a very friendly 0-3 start under a new head coach. Ouch.

QUICK TAKES: The Vikings starting 0-2 will be a big hole to dig out of, especially with the Packers looking pretty darn sharp. The Chicago Bears are 2-0, who saw that coming? Despite the Cleveland Browns being fun to laugh at, I do always root for them. Hilarious to see them win a few games each season. Chiefs had to battle but got yet another W. Do not forget they’re the defending champs. Are the Pittsburgh Steelers officially back? I look forward to the hard hitting clash with the Baltimore Ravens next month. Finally, doesn’t it feel nice to be back in the swing of things for an NFL season? I love it.

By Justin Watry (Twitter: @JustinWatry)

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