NFL Week 4 Picks: Jock Staps = Easy Cash!!!!!

So last week 7-2 (that’s 77%) with the Lions money line mortal lock which hit big! I’m telling you share this with your friends and loved ones. Who doesn’t love free money and I’m making you the easiest money of your life.

1. Browns +7 @ Ravens: Browns need a win and have covered 4 out of the last 5 road games.

2. Texans -5 vs Panthers: No Cam, The Texans put it all together today offense and defense, Texans by 10.

3. Lions + 7 vs Chiefs : Andy Reid’s offense vs Matt Patricia’s defense, give me the D (that’s what she said) against Patricia, Reid folds I like the points here.

4. Patriots -7 @ Bills: El Pres Dave Portnoy will be there, the Pats don’t lose when he’s at the games also the Bills come back to earth against a real team, Pats by 13.

5. Raiders + 6.5 Colts : Jon Gruden rallies the troops this week, Jacoby looks like a backup this week.

6. Chargers -14.5 @ Miami: Rivers will kill the fish by as many kids as he has. So yes lay the points Rivers fucks, Rosen does not.

7. Falcons -3 vs Titans: Matt Ryan shows that the Falcons can be explosive every 3 games or so. I think this is the “is Matt Ryan elite?” game.

8. Giants -3 Redskins: Jones will show why he will go down as the second best QB in the 2019 draft, he has a big game and the giants shut down the skins.

9. Buccaneers +9 @ Rams: I don’t know if the Rams are as good as advertised. I think they win this game but Winston keeps this close.

10. Seahawks – 5.5 @ Arizona: I have said it since last college football season Kyler Murray is vastly overrated. He will go down as one of the biggest busts to play QB in the NFL, Wilson got Wilson back so Hawks by a dozen.

11. Bears -1 vs Vikings: Kirk Cousins is 4-26 vs teams with a winning record. So since this is a picks em I’ll ride that wave.

12. Saints +2.5 vs Cowboys : Sean Payton is 7-3 as home dogs. Bridge water looked sharp winning on the road in Seattle. The Cowboys have honestly played no one: Skins, Fish, Eli Manning’s. Give me the points!!

13. Steelers -3 vs Bengals: There is no way the Steele’s go 0-4. Rudolph is a good rookie QB who will have a good game against a bad secondary. Andy Dalton still doesn’t scare me.

LOCK OF THE WEEK: Jaguars Money line @ Denver: Minshew Mania will run wild on the Broncos. He is the best rookie QB in the class. He has rallied the guys in the locker room because of his leadership and his “It” factor. The Jags d is getting better and better. The Broncos are pretty shitty as well.

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