NFL Week 3 review

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Week 3 has come and gone with a flurry and a flash. As in most weeks in the NFL, there was some ups and downs. There was a winner finally, and a lot of fans let down by an injury. Let’s start our Week 3 NFL review.Cleveland Browns 21 New York Jets 17. Well ladies and gentleman Tyrod Taylor started the game, but did notfinish. Baker Mayfield came in relief of him after Tyrod suffered a concussion late in the second quarter. After being booed for the first quarter and half because of struggling, Tyrod got knocked it over on numerous times in the last hit finish them off. Baker Mayfield came in to play with the Browns down 14 – 0 and put up a quick three points and lead amazing drives late in the game. Baker was not without mistakes though as he should have been picked off in the end zone by the Jets and had a fumble. Sam Darnold loses the first battle of his career against Baker Mayfield, but I have a feeling there’s going to be plenty more to come and their careers.

New Orleans Saints 43 Atlanta Falcons 37 in overtime. It is safe to say that this game could mean a lot for both teams as one of these teams will probably win their division. Drew Brees and Matt Ryan both quarterback there team admirably, in a game that’s seen many lead changes. I can’t wait for the next installment in this great battle.Washington Redskins 31 Green Bay Packers 17. Clay Matthews is not happy, as in back-to-backs weeks he has been called for terribly called roughing-the-passer penalties. All in all this was a surprising one considering that Washington has not look good the past 2 weeks and Green Bay has….. well Aaron Rodgers quarterbacking them!

Philadelphia Eagles 20 Indianapolis Colts 16. This game shows that everybody is playing the Eagles tough this year, nobody is going to bow down to the Super Bowl champions. Andrew Luck in the Eagles almost had a victory.

Buffalo Bills 27 Minnesota Vikings 6. What a debut for Josh Allen’s first start in the NFL. Allen look pretty good in his first start for the bills and had a huge upset and victory over Kirk Cousins.

Miami Dolphins 28 Oakland Raiders 20. Poor Chucky is still looking for his first victory. Maybe Gruden is looking for his first overall pick, only time will tell.Baltimore Ravens 27 Denver Broncos 14. The Baltimore Ravens were my pick to win their division. With the Steelers lackluster start there is a good chance they could, if they can find some consistency. In the first 3 weeks they have look good, looked bad, and look good yet again.

Carolina Panthers 31 Cincinnati Bengals 21. This one was a dog fight as Carolina score a late touchdown to go up by 10 points. This Cincinnati team is actually a pretty tough outing.

New York Giants 27 Houston Texans 22. DeShaun Watson looked pedestrian in a game that seen the Texans put up 22 points. The good news though JJ Watt looked like his old self and was a terror for the New York Giants offensive line. Which isn’t saying much because the offensive line has struggled on the right side for the Giants.

Tennessee Titans 9 Jacksonville Jaguars 6. In a low-scoring affair the Jaguars got upset…. Not much more to say about this game.Kansas City Chiefs 38 San Francisco 49ers 27. Patrick Mahomes continues to look like something that is fresh out of a video game. But on a sad note Jimmy Garoppolo had a horrific injury and appears to be out for the rest of the season. That puts a damper on the 49ers hopes, unless they can pull a rabbit out of there…… You get the rest.

The Battle of Los Angeles: Rams 35 Chargers 23. In the Battle of Los Angeles, the Rams look to be one of the best teams in the NFL this season. Poor Philip Rivers, always dealing with beginning of season struggles with the Chargers. Will the Chargers turn it around yet again?

Seattle Seahawks 24 Dallas Cowboys 13. Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks look pretty good against Dak Prescott and the Cowboys. Ezekiel Elliott is having a hard time getting big yards in the running game which leaves the boatload of work on a struggling Dak Prescott.

Chicago Bears 16 Arizona Cardinals 14. In the battle of maybe two of the worst teams in the NFL, Khalil Mack wins the game single-handedly. Just kidding somehow the Bears did beat the Cardinals though.

Detroit Lions 26 New England 10. And what will probably be one of the shocking games of the Year, Matt Patricia and the lions defeated the Patriots. Maybe all those years Patricia practice against Tom Brady and the Patriots offense meant something. Did he and the Lions have a leg up? Or are the Lions turning the corner?

Pittsburgh Steelers 30 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 27. In the Monday night contest it had to look like Ryan Fitzpatrick ran out of his magic. He threw 3 interceptions early but threw three touchdowns late to pull the Buccaneers within three points. With Jameis Winston returning from suspension this week, one has to ask how long will Fitzpatrick remain the starter?

Are Thursday night game this week to kick off week 4 is the Los Angeles Rams in the Minnesota Vikings.

This is going to be a big test for both teams as Minnesota boast a potentially potent offense, and a stingy defense. The Rams have one of the most talented defense in the NFL with many big names , and a pretty good offense to go along with that. But one has to ask how will they do with today’s loss of cornerback Aquib Talib?Still I think the Rams can pull this one out.Ladies and gentlemen welcome to week for the NFL.

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