NFL Week 3 Odds

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Alright, we just had another great week in the NFL and we are only treated to more great football. We will be looking at the match ups and who has the better odds.

All games are on Sunday, unless mentioned before announcing the teams.

If you’re looking for offense, there are three can’t-miss games on the Week 3 slate. Sportsbooks expect an explosion of points when the Steelers head to Tampa to contend with “FitzMagic,” setting the O/U at 53.5. When it comes to placing money on the O/U knowing a trusted sportsbook is vital, here we can see how fast Bovada pays out which ranks them among the select few quickest sportsbooks.

Something similar should be in store when the Falcons host the Saints (53.0 O/U) on the turf of Mercedes-Benz Stadium. But the real jewel in the Week 3 crown is 49ers vs Chiefs. The total for that game is at an astronomical (by NFL standards) 55.5 because KC is not only the highest scoring team in the league so far (40.0 PPG), they have also surrendered the second-most points (32.5 PPG) and are liable to get in shootouts week after week.

First we will start with the Colts (1-1) @ Eagles (1-1)

Honestly, I am not sure about this one, here we have two quarterbacks coming off injuries from the previous season. Now even though Luck has had two games to find his niche, he will playing a fully cleared Carson Wentz.. maybe. This is why it is tough to decide a winner and a spread, however if you want a bold prediction I am choosing Eagles with the spread of -2.5 points.

Chargers (1-1) @ Rams (2-0)

I am calling this game, The Battle of Los Angeles. You have two good QB’s of Rivers and Goff going at it, and two defense in my eyes do not have a true identity. As the Rams have started 2-0 and Sean McVay has a record of 5-0 against AFC teams. Look for the Rams to take this game at home with a spread of -7 points.

Bears (1-1) @ Cardinals (0-2)

Now the Bears are heading to a win-less Arizona Cardinals stadium. Coming off a Monday night victory, look for the Bears to continue to be hungry for W’s. Now the Cardinals will be hungry as well for their first win, especially playing in front of their home crowd. The opening line is Bears, with the spread of -4.5 points and honestly I’m keeping the open line due to the fact that the Cardinals through two games has only scored 6 points.

Monday, Steelers (0-1-1) @ Buccaneers (2-0)

Let me tell you there is some FitzMagic in Tampa Bay with Ryan Fitzpatrick continuing to show the team why they should be starting him over Winston. The Buccs are going against what I call a bum of a quarterback in Big Ben, however I will give he found a way to make somewhat of a push against the Chiefs last week. The only fear of my is the Steelers defense and how they have been flaky this season, therefore, I am take the Buccaneers with a spread of -1 point.

Thursday, Jets (1-1) @ Browns (0-1-1)

The Jets shredded the Lions in game one and came down to earth with a loss to the Dolphins. Sam Darnold has thrown interceptions to start off both of his games, do you think he will make it three? The Browns played in a rainy game and it ended in a tie to the Steelers and lost to a game on a game-tying field goal against the Saints. However, the Browns have shown they are an improvement from last season, and are continuing to put 110% each game. I am taking the Browns getting their first win with a spread of -2.0 points.

Packers (1-0-1) @ Redskins (1-1)

Green Bay is still hoping that Aaron Rodgers is going to be able to play through his injury, which by the way usually takes two months to heal. Now, the Redskins are coming off a 21-9 L to the Colts, but they are playing back at home which is when they play their best football. One stat I have for this game is that the Packers are 2-4 on their road-opener, So I am taking the Redskins at +3 points.

Patroits (1-1) @ Lions (0-2)

Well…. the best stat here is that the Patriots are 14-1 after losing by double-digits. They will be hungry after losing to the Jaguars, especially after all the trash talk. The Lions after an anticipated better season than previous 9-7 after looking hopeful to get at least five wins. Belichick will be going against former DC Matt Patricia, which Bill never disappoints when playing previous coaches. I have the Patriots with the win at -6.0 points.

Saints (1-1) @ Falcons (1-1)

The Saints will be going on the road for the first game in a hostile Atlanta territory. Drew Brees looks to find motivation after a loss in their first game and only winning by three against Cleveland on Sunday. Matt Ryan is looking to have himself another game after going 44-71, 523 yds, with 2 TD. In addition the Saints are not the best when playing their first road game, so I have the Falcons at -2.5 points.

Bills (0-2) @ Vikings (1-0-1)

Honestly unless you are a Bills fan you know not to bet on them, well maybe even Bills fans are not even betting on them. Bills Mafia is still going hard, however their team is not, after making the playoffs last season they were looking hopeful, but I do not know if hopeful is not the right term anymore. If I were Josh Allen I would terrified of that Vikings defense, that always finds their way to the quarterback. I would look for Kirk Cousins to have himself a game. Clearly it is the Vikings at -16 points.

Raiders (0-2) @ Dolphins (2-0)

Carr and the Raiders have been finding trouble winning a game, with a one point loss against the Broncos and by 20 points to the Rams. They will be going to Miami to play them and honestly I wouldn’t count them out just yet, the Raiders have played really good in Florida, Carr has covered the spread as a road underdog when in Florida. As for the Dolphins, I feel like they have been underrated all season and this game has a chance for them to prove they are the real deal. I have the Raiders at +3 points.

Broncos (2-0) @ Ravens (1-1)

Case Keenum and the Broncos have started out pretty well at 2-0, I was not sure how they would do with the new quarterback, but it seems like they have everything worked out. It also helps when you have good talent like RB Phillip Lindsay and WR Emmanuel Sanders. They will be going against the Ravens, and I’m sorry but I am going to say it, JOE FLACCO is done, I think its time for Lamar Jackson to come in. Flacco may have had a decent outing last weekend, but I think their future is not an aging Flacco. Broncos are my favorite at +5 points.

Bengals (2-0) @ Panthers (1-1)

From previous seasons if you told me the the Bengals would start this year at 2-0 I would not have believed you. The only thing that has me worried is that the Bengals have had trouble covering the spread against NFC teams. Now the Panthers, I am sorry but I always thought the Panthers were better than what they are, and maybe it is my fault because I think Cam Newton is a game changer. Panthers better be ready to play, as I have the Carolina Panthers winning and the spread is at -2.5 points.

Giants (0-2) @ Texans (0-2)

Well it’s a safe bet that at least one team will in their first game this season… actually let me take that back because of the ties we have had this year. OBJ is looking to have another good game, but my worry is Eli Manning and the hits he has taken. Then the other side of field, the Texans are looking for DeShaun Watson to takeoff. I have Texans winning at home at the spread of -3.5 points.

Titans (1-1) @ Jaguars (2-0)

I am not putting a winner or loser, nor the spread of the game because it has been unclear if Titans QB Marcus Mariota is going to start. However, we assume he does play I still think he will get eaten alive against the Jaguars defense. Blake Bortles and the rest of the Jags are hot are now. Now I could put a winner on this, but I do not want to assume anything until I feel comfortable about the QB situation.

49ers (1-1) @ Chiefs (2-0)

The 49ers are playing a 2-0 Kansas City Chief team that has a hot quarterback in Patrick Maholmes. His weapons are also producing at high levels which makes him even more of a threat. They will be greeted by a visiting 49ers team with Jimmy G. Jimmy showcased some of his talents in a 30-27 win against the Lions last week and we look for him to continue. I have KC winning at home at a spread of -6 points.

Cowboys (1-1) @ Seahawks (0-2)

Dallas has been decent as of late, the only thing that has me concerned is there defense. With no Dez Bryant, there passing game has struggled and everyone knows they are giving the ball to Zeke more. Also, if you are going to tell me that the Seahawks are going to lose in front of their fans for the first time being at home, you are dead wrong. I tell you that you are wrong because Pete Carroll has never lost a home game in September since taking over as head coach in 2010. Seattle wins with the spread at -2 points.

So there you have it, there are the NFL Week 3 Odds, good luck!

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