NFL week 2 review

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Ladies and gentlemen week 2 has come and gone. Another week of NFL action, and another week of the game we love. Time for a quick review of NFL week 2.

Andy Dalton and company surprised the Baltimore Ravens and won 34 , 23. Joe Flacco looked like his old self a week after wearing a Superman cape. Joe Mixon got banged up ,one has to wonder though how much time running back will miss .

Atlanta squeaked by the Carolina Panthers 31, 24. Speaking of Superman capes, Cam Newton wishes he could have had one on to score more touchdowns and avoid this loss.

The Indianapolis Colts blew out the Washington Redskins 21, 9. Oh weird contest that saw Andrew Luck throw under 200 yards and had two touchdowns to go with two interceptions. The Washington Redskins had a wide receiver leave them rushing yards, and a running back lead them receiving. May be running back Chris Thompson and wide receiver Jameson Crowder should just switch positions.

The Tennessee Titans beat the Houston Texans 20, 17. Wait, do you mean to tell me that Blaine Gabbert actually quarterbacked the team to a victory? Quarterback DeShaun Watson starts to look like his old self in this one.

“Fitmagic” ? Is it real? Is it true? Is it a phase, or a fad? All I can tell you is that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers scored 27 points to beat the Philadelphia Eagles 21. I bet Carson Wentz wished he was quarterback in week 2 instead of coming back week 3.

Holy moly! Can you believe it? Patrick Mahomes Goes Wild, on can you guess who? Well if you guessed Pittsburgh Steelers, then you would be correct! Patrick Mahomes threw six touchdown passes against the Pittsburgh Steelers defense, which was supposed to be one of the top defenses in the NFL. After two weeks of below-average Steeler football… There’s no wonder why Antonio Brown is holding out of practice. Chiefs 42 Steelers 37.

Miami Dolphins beat the Sam darnold lead New York Jets 20, 12. Sam Darnold although looks like the real deal. Only time will tell if Sam or Baker Mayfield was the top quarterback in this past year’s draft class.

Los Angeles Chargers 31 Buffalo Bills 20? Okay so Josh Allen is a better quarterback than Nathan Peterman. Had Peterman started this game probably would have been 62, 0.

Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings 29. No I did not forget the score for those that are wondering. That was the score at the end tied at 29 all period on a weekend where kickers decided they wanted to miss potential game winning field goals, well in this case, the game winning field goal.

The New Orleans Saints 21 the Cleveland Browns 18. And here’s the other missed field goal, and a free agent kicker also. And a game that’s all the Cleveland Browns shut down the New Orleans Saints for most of the game, they lose. Same old Cleveland Browns. Oh yeah, Zane Gonzalez missed the field goal that cost him a job. Now he’s looking for another one.

San Francisco 49ers 30 Detroit Lions 27. There’s been a lot of close games the first two weeks of the season, and a lot of new head coaches searching for their first victory. As evidence with Matt Patricia with the Detroit Lions. Jimmy G might have had the upper hand in this having faced his defense in practice as a patriot.

Arizona Cardinals fans are going nuts on Twitter claiming that they are the worst team in the NFL after to get blue out by arguably one of the best teams in the NFL, the Los Angeles Rams. 34 points were scored in this game, all by the Rams, with none by the Cardinals.

A playoff rematch from last season’s postseason, the Jacksonville Jaguars finally got to beat Tom Brady and the Patriots. Jagr scored 31 points to beat the Patriots 20 and get the Revenge from last season. The Patriots added wide receiver Josh Gordon from the Browns Monday evening to make a possible next meeting a little bit more interesting in their favor.

Denver Broncos 20, Oakland Raiders 19. Poor Chucky oh, can’t get that first win. Looks like it’s going to be a long season for Jon Gruden and his Raiders. At least he admitted this past that he may have made a mistake trading defensive lineman Khalil Mack, and in his own way.

Dallas Cowboys 20 New York Giants 13. Is it too late to change my predictions for the season? Giants look like a team that just don’t have everything together at this point. And we all know not many 0-2 teams make the playoffs.

Chicago Bears 24 Seattle Seahawks 17. The Khalil Mack show continues on in Chicago on week 2 and she has a monster game, nearly singly handling the Seattle offense. Seattle, who watch their quarterback Russell Wilson struggle, does not look like the same Seahawks that carried the legion of boom.

That ends week 2 and tonight begins week 3 with a matchup on Thursday Night Football between Cleveland Browns and the New York Jets.

Many fans would most likely be interested in this game more had been Baker Mayfield vs Sam darnold, the first and second quarterbacks respectively chosen in the draft. Maybe next year, tonight it’s Tyrod Taylor vs Sam Darnold.

With this being a home game for the Cleveland Browns, and the Jets now playing three games in 11 days, this may be easily predicted one. Sam darnold is a rookie quarterback that has thrown interceptions in his first two career games in the NFL oh, and was known as a turnover prone guy in college also. With the Cleveland Browns leaving the NFL at this point of the season in takeaways , it’s fair to say that the Cleveland Browns are favored in this game.

Needless to say many people, including I, expect the Cleveland Browns to get their first victory in 19 games tonight on Thursday Night Football. Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Week 3 NFL football season.

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