NFL Trade Rumors: Examining the best landing spots for Houston Texans QB Deshaun Watson

We are in Week 5 of the 2021 NFL season and the Houston Texans still have Deshaun Watson on their team.

He also hasn’t sniffed a single inch of the field this year, as the Texans have gone with Tyrod Taylor and David Mills over Mills due to the sexual assault allegations made against Watson.

With the NFL trade deadline rapidly approaching on November 2, will the Texans actually make the move they should have made in the off-season and before the NFL Draft?

It’s starting to sound like they might, and we will look at the best landing spots for Watson.

Miami Dolphins

This has been the most obvious landing spot, as it’s been reported that Miami is one of Watson’s preferred destinations.

They drafted Tua Tagovailoa, but many feel that if the Dolphins can land Watson, Tua would certainly be included in a trade offer.

Tua has been hurt and the Dolphins have been forced to play Jacoby Brissett, so a trade for Watson would certainly be an upgrade.

Plus, with Watson not suspended, Watson can play right now.

New Orleans Saints

The Saints have been rolling with Jameis Winston in the aftermath of Drew Brees retiring and so far, it’s been a decent start.

But the Saints are only tied to Winston, and Taysom Hill, for only this year, so if the Saints would want to take a chance on Watson, they could.

Plus there’s been rumors that Sean Payton really likes and wants Watson as his quarterback, so New Orleans could trade for Watson, stash him away for next year and invest in him going forward.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Ben Roethlisberger is done. He’s pushing 40 years old and looks more and more ready for retirement each week.

The fact that Mike Tomlin hasn’t pulled the plug on Big Ben and tried Dwayne Haskins out at quarterback remains a mystery, as he should just to see what he has with Haskins.

But even if he remained with Big Ben, which could land Pittsburgh a high draft pick, Pittsburgh could turn around and use that in a deal to send that to Houston for Watson.

Indianapolis Colts

Carson Wentz is not the answer for the Colts and is an injury away from being back on injured reserve.

Deshaun Watson would be a massive upgrade over Wentz and Frank Reich could work wonders with Watson running the offense for the next 10 years.

The Colts would have to send the Texans Wentz to make the trade work because they have nearly identical contracts to trade for. But, it would work, plus the Colts would have to probably trade a draft pick or two, like the Rams had to send the Lions for Matthew Stafford.

Las Vegas Raiders

Jon Gruden always loves him a good quarterback and if he had the chance to trade Derek Carr for Deshaun Watson, he’d jump at the chance.

Gruden inherited Carr when he took the Raiders job, but he could get the chance to pick his own quarterback that’s not fresh out of college and knows a thing or two about winning in the NFL.

This would be another case of Las Vegas probably having to send Houston a draft pick to go with Carr as well.

Washington Football Team

It’s been Taylor Heinicke at starting quarterback with the injury that happened to Ryan Fitzpatrick early on, although, Fitzpatrick is clearly not a long term solution given the fact that he’s 38 years old, 39 in November.

Ron Rivera gave up on Dwayne Haskins and the team could use a long-term solution to their quarterback situation, which is where Watson would fit in.

Given Daniel Snyder’s tendencies to chase after big names, they would make a lot of sense.

Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings could definitely use an upgrade and Watson would definitely be one over Kirk Cousins.

Minnesota has Cousins for at least next year and if they want to make a move to change the quarterback, Watson would be that.

Imagine Watson with Dalvin Cook and Justin Jefferson? Minnesota should strongly consider it, and they would have to include Cousins in the trade with a few draft picks.

Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons still have two years left with Matt Ryan after this year and he is getting up in age at 36. He’s been Atlanta’s guy since 2008, so if Atlanta is ever thinking about making a move for the next quarterback, Watson could be the guy to consider.

They’d have to send Ryan if it were to happen before the deadline, but if they wanted to make it happen after the 2021 year, they’d be inclined to either cut Ryan or trade him to a destination he’d prefer.

Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks just lost Russell Wilson for at least six weeks and he’s signed long-term, so this one doesn’t scream as a likely scenario.

Even so, Watson is a massive upgrade over Geno Smith, who has been a backup in the NFL ever since the Jets demoted him in 2015.

Watson would help ease losing Wilson for six weeks, but what would Seattle do when Wilson came back from his injury?

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