NFL Trade Rumors: Dolphins, Texans have agreed on Deshaun Watson deal; Miami wants legal issues resolved first

Well, the Houston Texans and Miami Dolphins have apparently agreed on a trade that will send Deshaun Watson to Miami.

But what’s the hold up?

Miami apparently wants all of Watson’s legal issues cleared up first before they say yes to any deal being done.

From the report of the Houston Chronicle, the Dolphins would send three first round picks to the Texans; something that Houston has been after. However, it doesn’t look like the Dolphins would be sending the two additional second round picks to Houston.

The trade though, would still have to be approved by Watson, who has a full no-trade clause, but all reports have indicated that Watson’s main destination is Miami.

Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has signed off on the trade to acquire Watson. But Ross wants the 22 counts of sexual misconduct cleared up, which might not happen before Tuesday’s 4pm trade deadline, as Watson settling may be seen as an admission of guilt.

Even so, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has not out Watson on the commissioner’s exempt list, which would prevent him from playing; meaning, Watson can still suit up and play tomorrow if he wanted.

So for now, the terms have been “agreed upon.” The hoops just need to be settled before Watson takes his talents down to South Beach.

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