NFL Power Rankings from 32-22

Here I will be ranking the NFL teams from the worst team going into training camp from 32 to 22. This will be a new series I will be doing, and this couldn’t be done without  This is my NFL Power Rankings from number 32 to 22.

  1. Miami Dolphins

Miami Dolphins have only got older, along with their loss of Suh, Landry, and Timmons. One thing to note however is the signing of Frank Gore, Brock Osweiler, and Danny Amendola. Look for the Dolphins to slightly improve from their 6-10 record last season.

  1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay ending their season 5-11 and losing Doug Martin & Jamesis Winston with his suspension it will be interesting how they start the season with Ryan Fitzpatrick. However they did pick some guys on defense, like Defensive Ends Vinny Curry & Jason Pierre-Paul. So look for their impact they will make on the field.

  1. Cincinnati Bengals

Cincinnati did not really make that much noise this off season as they really just juiced up their offensive line. Losing players like QB A.J. McCarron, and RB Jeremy Hill it questions how much more the Bengals will rely on Andy Daltons arm. Hopefully the new OC will help with that.

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  1. Buffalo Bills

Even though the Bills finished 2nd in the AFC North, they lost QB Tyrod Taylor, a veteran quarterback. However, they did draft QB Josh Allen and signed A.J. McCarron, along with second-year Peterman so I would not worry all that much. Something else to watch on is the deal with LeSean McCoy as there are accusations of him being involved in a home robbery and assault.

  1. New York Jets

New York Jets made sure they had a good offseason after a 5-11 season, finishing 4th in the AFC East. First of all they signed Teddy Bridgewater and drafted QB Sam Darnold, so it will be interesting on who will be QB1 come week 3. Jets also signed Isaiah Crowell as they lost Matt Forte, but also made a good signing in WR Terrelle Pryor.


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  1. Indianapolis Colts

Colts finished the season 4-12, mainly due to Andrew Luck’s injury, however he is been back and ready for training camp. Colts also signed former Detroit Lion TE Eric Ebron, but he was straight up released so it makes me wonder what happened there. However, they hired Frank Reich as their new head coach, so it might be a new vibe all around.

  1. Cleveland Browns

Cleveland..well after the 0-16, and all the draft picks they had you know and hope this season is completely different. With draft picks of Baker Mayfield and Denzel Ward, they look to bring in some rookies in right away. They will be bringing in some veterans like Tyrod Taylor, Jarvis Landry, and Carlos Hyde. Let’s just hope they figure out there QB situation.

  1. Washington Redskins

Well the Redskins had some a big loss at the QB position, losing Kirk Cousins, however they bring Alex Smith. Right alongside the Lions with the worst running game, they are trying to spark things up by drafting RB Derrius Guice. They will also be looking at big performances from the all the defensive guys they signed this offseason.

  1. Seattle Seahawks

Seattle finished 2nd in the NFC West, the Seahawks are  more than likely going to have to re-brand themselves this season. With the loss of Richard Sherman, Michael Benneett, and Sam Chancellor it opens up some chances for new guys to fill. Not much for me to say, I guess I will let them prove it on the field.

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  1. Arizona Cardinals

Some people say the Cardinals lost some main pieces, however I think it was time for a couple of them. It was good they lost Adrian Peterson, Carson Palmer, and their head coach. It makes way new faces and a new style of football in Arizona. Good news going into training camp is that RB David Johnson finally reported, which means it ended the holdout from the summer.

  1. New York Giants

Giants coming off a season where they just could not get anything going before crap hit the fan and just got ugly. The Giants made some acquisitions of OT Nate Solder, RB Jonathan Stewart, and drafted Saquon Barkley.. meaning they are looking for these guys and rookie make a splash early. In addition, there will be a return of OBJ so be prepared for him to come hungry.

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