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Newborn Baby Crashes Through Table During Bills Mafia Celebration!

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The Bills Mafia is at it again during Week 1 of the NFL season. Buffalo’s raucous fans are known for getting a little crazy before games, with their signature celebration being when someone jumps, usually from a considerable height, and falls directly into a folding table, thus breaking it.

Well, it happened again today. Except this time it wasn’t an adult Bills Mafia fan, but a brand new fan. In fact, it was literally a newborn baby that broke through the table.

Of course, the baby was gently put through the table and not launched from great heights like most Bills Mafia members would have been. But now that this newly baptized Buffalo fan bas gone through a table, odds are 20 years from now he will be jumping through tables like the rest of his brethren.

While you’re here, check out the video below to see the best of Bills Mafia table breaks!

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