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New York Yankees or Louisiana Balloons?

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*Disclaimer I am a huge Red Sox fan so writing this brings me great joy*

As of right now, the New York Yankees sit 4th place in the American League East, with a run difference of -6. They just got swept by the Red Sox, and fall to 0-6 against their rivals on the season. Currently, the Seattle Mariners have a better win percentage. And while this is not a huge deal, it is when you consider the Yankees have had no real injuries, and we’re the odds on favorite to win the AL before the season started.

A lot of the blame should fall on manager Aaron Boone. You would be foolish to say this Yankee team doesn’t have talent. However overrated that talent might be, the talent is there.

So why does this team get so much hype? They stink! Jarred Carabis from Barstool said it perfectly. If this team was called the Louisiana Balloons, no one would give a shit about them. The Yankees don’t have a single player hitting above .300, and only 4 players above .250! While Gerrit Cole started off strong, since the MLB crack down on sticky stuff, Cole has been less than stellar, including a 5 earned run shelling against the Red Sox this weekend.

So until further notice, stop talking about the Yankees. This team blows. Their fans are fed up, I expect Boone to get fired before the season ends, and the playoffs seem like a distant hope. These are not the mighty Yankees that existed before the Internet was invented. These are the new look Yankees. And they are really not good. Just think of them as the Louisiana Balloons.

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