New York Jets to be talk of the….NFL?!?!

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Everybody knows the New York Jets have been the laughing stock of the NFL along with the Cleveland Browns for the last 6-7 years. Starting with the end of the Rex Ryan era when Geno Smith got popped in the jaw by former Jet Ik Enemkpali to the Ryan Fitzpatrick fiasco. This past season was the first time since the Jets made the playoffs in 2010 under Rex that they were talked about as taking a potential step forward. The two rookie standout safeties from last year Jamal Adams and Marcus Maye gave Jet fans a glimpse of what could be a lethal secondary for years to come, and hopefully make Tom Brady retire.

Now many people would say that their 5-11 season was about as good a 5-11 season a team can have. For a majority of the games the Jets were actually, dare I say, competitive for once. Not only were the Jets beating some teams with low winning percentages but the Jets actually held leads into the fourth quarter against 6 playoff teams from this past year, the Bills, Panthers, Chiefs, Patriots, Falcons and Jaguars. The Jets went on to win 3 of those 6 by beating the Bills, Chiefs and Jaguars. Quite the year for a 5-11 squad.

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The Jets traded up in this years draft from the 6th pick to the 3rd pick in NEED of drafting a quarterback. Sam Darnold going into the draft week was the number 1 guy every team expected the Browns to take. The Browns did what the Browns do and drafted Baker Mayfield out of Oklahoma, great prospect with a smaller stature but has some serious potential in the league. Sam Darnold slid right down into the Jets laps at number 3 when the Giants made the obvious choice for them by drafting Saquon Barkley. Were the Jets going to mess this one up again and make a pick that nobody expected them too? No, not this time, the Jets went with Sam Darnold out of USC who many believe has the best potential to be the franchise QB for the Jets down the road. Darnold has some flaws in his game but with Josh McCown being there to mentor him, he is in good hands and will be taught some valuable lessons by Josh, a savvy veteran.

Now Jamal Adams obviously was flying around the secondary last year along with hopping up to the line of scrimmage a few times making some ridiculous tackles behind the line of scrimmage, really bright future for a young stud in Jamal. In the words of Jamal Adams, the Jets will be “The talk of the NFL this year,” some may think this guy is crazy, others may think he actually has a valid point. Now with the Jets over/under set in Vegas at 6 for wins, I believe the Jets do go over that win total by going 8-8 but not enough to make serious noise. The Jets schedule is pretty easy this year, granted it is a new year and the NFL changes fast but with the defense the Jets have now by adding Trumaine Johnson to the secondary, it will be difficult to throw the ball on the Jets.

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My prediction heading into training camp today is that the Jets will be saying the starting role is up for grabs, but in reality I think they already have Teddy Bridgewater starting in their minds pending his knee issues. Sam Darnold will be the backup and dressed on the sideline for a little with McCown in street clothes as the 3rd string but in Darnold’s ear the entire time teaching him about how to be successful in the NFL.

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