NEW! Upper Peninsula 2v2 Fortnite Tournament

Pro Sports Extra is hosting a new Fortnite: Battle Royale 2v2 Tournament on Xbox this weekend.

Here’s how it works:

Find a partner, pick a team name, and pay the buy in (Venmo $5 each to @ProSportsExtra.)

Your team will get added to the spreadsheet. Teams will be able to view the spreadsheet all day Sunday to see the bracket, who’s in the tournament, and keep track on who gets eliminated.


You and your partner will get matched up against another team. All four of you join the same Fortnite lobby but split up into two parties of two. You will play 3 games and total up the kills at the end. Whichever duo has the most kills will advance to the next round. (You need all 3 screenshots to advance. Message the screenshots to the Pro Sports Extra Facebook page or direct message on Twitter. Please include your team name in the message.)

It will be a bracket style tournament. The 1st place team will take home 50% of the money and the 2nd place team takes 25%. Pro Sports Extra will take the remaining 25% to keep the lights on and cover Venmo fees.

The tournament will take place this Sunday May 6th. The first round will begin at 2pm EST.

This tournament is Xbox only. PS4 will be added soon.

If you’re ready to enter the tournament please get in contact with one of the tournament managers.

Trevor Uren:

Nolan Johnson:

(906) 369-0231

If everything runs smooth we will start to do the 2v2 tournament every week, adding in a 1v1 tournament, and expanding across multiple platforms.

Click here to join the free ProSportsExtra Fortnite Tournaments Facebook group to stay up to date on all tournaments.


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