New Dawgs in the Pound

The Cleveland Browns made three trades on Friday, getting rid of some of their record-setting draft capital that they would have had.

However, Cleveland still keeps all of their main pieces, like the 2018 first and second-round draft picks.

The Browns now acquire CB Damarious Randall from the Packers, QB Tyrod Taylor from the Bills, and WR Jarvis Landry from the Dolphins.

Could these trades be Cleveland’s redeeming feature to winning a game this season?

Well it definitely will not hurt them. Cleveland will get rid of the quarterback that threw the most interceptions during the 2017 season with 22 interceptions. Taylor, received from the Bills, only threw four interceptions.

It is about time Cleveland brings in some big name veterans. Cleveland fans love these trades, no doubt.

Tyrod Taylor will now have two big receivers to make plays in Josh Gordon and now Jarvis Landry. Taylor, going into his 8th season has the opportunity to be the quarterback that Cleveland fans can rest easy with.

After going 0-16, Cleveland will do anything possible to make sure that will never happen again. These trades however, will now shift their needs in the draft.

Instead of looking for a quarterback, or cornerback they can largely look for a running back. Isaiah Crowell will be a free agent, so that opens up the backfield employment line.

They can also shift efforts to look into a right tackle. Shon Coleman, current RT, even with the tough year remains the weak link among the offensive line. They could potentially fill that line with Zachary Crabtree, RT, Oklahoma State; Crabtree is a solid choice because of his size and how he comprised together years of sound pass-protection.

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