New Album Alert? Logic’s Press Release States “I’m Back” @Logic301

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Two time Grammy Nominee Logic releases a press release stating: “I’m Back” as many fans know Bobby released last year that he was retiring from rap as he had accomplished everything he set out to do and wanted to spend more time with family and put energy into other avenues like Twitch and gaming. Tonight a press release came out and Logic had his own Jordan moment.

Along with this press release, it comes along with a solo track entitled; ‘Intro’ The track has a lot of emotion behind it and seems like Logic has a chip on his shoulder and has somethings to not only prove to himself but others as well he has two lines that really stick out to be in this minute and a half song; “I don’t wanna give up on my dreams because I know I got skills…Looking back at 43 wondering who he could be” Without reading into it too much it seems as though he still has a lot left in the tank and is really out to prove something.

I am for it, I was upset when Logic first announced he was going to retire but now he is back and I cant wait to see what is next for him. Album dropping soon? Who knows!

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