Nets Fans Still Shouldn’t Be Worried

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The Nets got smacked around at home By the Warriors today, and I’m seeing a lot of Brooklyn fans all up in arms about the beating. Relax. Was it our best performance? Absolutely not. But is this loss the end of the world? No. We’re still gonna be fine.

First off, it’s important to remember that ITS NOVEMBER. Anyone writing off a team or their chances this early into the NBA season is a complete dumbo. Half of these teams will look completely different by the time the postseason rolls around, and these late fall games will be a complete non-factor. The people who map out the entire NBA season in November are the same people who tell girls they love them on a first date. Complete dorks.

Plus, anyone who’s watched more than two Nets games this year knows they were completely shorthanded tonight. No Harris, no Claxton, no Milsap. You would’ve thought Marcus Bembry was the third-star on this team the way they were using him. Of course we got blown out. Bembry thought he was Scottie Pippen out there tonight when in reality he’s closer to a Liangelo Ball. That guys not seeing minutes in any sort of important game.

Plus, KD played awful tonight. He was 0-7 in the third quarter and missed what seemed like infinity wide-open threes. How many more times is that gonna happen? If anything, I’d rather see him do it now then when we’re playing these bums again in the finals.

Oh yeah, and need you be reminded, KYRIE IRVING IS STILL COMING BACK. The guy is not missing the entire season. He’s just not. It might not be until April, but the guy is gonna see the floor. There will be some sort of the change in the mandate, I guarantee it. Do I have any evidence? Nope. But I’m manifesting, bitch. Joe Rogan was in Madison Square Garden calling the UFC fight despite being unvaccinated, so I’m pretty sure we’ll figure out a way for the starting point guard to get in the building.

Steph Curry still rules though.

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