NELK Boys Once Again Ruin Wine Tour In All Time Funny Fashion After Tour Guide Recognizes Them @NELKFilmz

If you haven’t watched NELK yet they are the biggest prank YouTube channel and the content is outrageous… I love it!

Sometimes the content is a little too much, but that’s what NELK is all about! They’re always taking it to the next level and full sending it.

This video started off tough when NELK member Kyle swore and was told to be quiet because people might be able to hear them.

From there everything took off just like the first time NELK went into the tour saying that NineO and SteveWillDoIt were “getting married” again, which is top notch content as it is. After one spill the NELK group was separated from the others in the Wine group because the tour realized that it was NELK and brought them on their own adventure.

To end the tour Steve and NineO jumped onto a table and knocked everything off of the table after about drinking 15 bottles of wine! Turn up.

Here is the video above:

Here is the first time they did a Wine Tour:

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