Nelk Boys Intro For The Ballina-Cup Vs MGK Game Is Legendary – They Come Out Wearing Sommer Ray Shirts While Jamming To Eminems Diss Track About Him and Also Included Julia Rose – @NelkFilmz @JuliaRose_33 @theballinacup

The Ballina-Cup League has been off to an awesome and exciting start!

Tonight although the NELK Boys might have lost the first game of their best of three game match-up against Machine Gun Kelly and Sommer Ray but without a doubt they’ve had the best intro for a game.

They included Julia Rose and other girls in the intro on top of coming out to Eminems diss track about MGK while wearing t-shirts of his girlfriend Sommer Ray.

I don’t think there is a way to show more “disrespect” but it’s for the love of the game, right?

Julia Rose being involved just makes everything better. What a dime. I can’t tell who the other girls are but this was a smart move by the entire Nelk crew.

We don’t know why MGK didn’t finish out the games – it was stated clearly in the rules. I’m assuming that if he doesn’t finish them tonight they’ll be forced to forfeit. Hopefully he realizes that people actually have money on the winners of this and if you’re not going to want to play the second game in round 1 why would he want to in another round?

Let MGK get the first win and make him forfeit and have Nelk move on. MGK couldn’t make a shot anyway if he didn’t have Sommer he wouldn’t have had a chance.

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