Nelk Boys Host HUGE Get Together With Fans! And I Mean Huge! They’re Taking Over Texas @nelkboys

By now you more than likely have heard of the popular YouTube prankers, Nelk Boys, and if you haven’t you’ve been living under a rock. Because they’ve been blowing up all over the Internet for the last couple of years.

The channel is mainly based on pranks, drinking, and having fun, has had times when it’s been kicked off of YouTube. But that never stops the boys from making content.

Besides content they also have merch drops that constantly sell out and have more orders than big companies like Gucci at a premium price. The Nelk Boys continue to shine.

Today they held a get together with fans in Texas and needless to say fans showed up… and then some.

Wow! Damn!!!

Nelk Boys are taking Texas over!

Everything is bigger in Texas… including the Nelk Boys supporters!


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