Nelk Boys Are Doing The Famous Coke Prank Again But This Time In Medellín, Colombia! What Will The Police Do?

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Tonight is the night.

According to the pranksters Nelk Boys they’re doing another coke prank. If you didn’t watch the first or second one they’re pretty wild. Especially the second one which was recorded in Mexico.

The police officers think that the coke is cocaine and things get wild from there!

This time the boys are in Medellín, Colombia.

Who knows what’ll happen. It’ll be interesting to see the footage that they get. This is where the Medellin cartel reined with one of the biggest cocaine empires ever.

Hopefully nothing goes wrong – because something like this could get very serious. And get someone killed. And to do it during the COVID pandemic makes things a little more serious ahead of time as well.


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