NCAA: California Compensation Bill Could Ban Schools In-State from Future Championships

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The NCAA could be banning schools within the state of California from future championships if the state’s college athlete compensation bill remains in place.

The bill which passed unanimously (31-4) last month, it was introduced to which would allow student-athletes to earn money for their use of their name, likeness, or image. 

In a report from the USA Today, NCAA President Mark Emmert said in a letter towards the chairs of State Assembly Committee that the championship ban could be enforced to the state’s 23 Division I schools. Four of those schools are also in the PAC-12 Conference. 

There have been a few people that are puzzled and questioning why the NCAA would crack down on the bill. 

Regarding the status on the bill, there will be a hearing and a vote scheduled for tomorrow from the Assembly’s Arts, Entertainment, Sports, Tourism and Internet Media Committee. 

If a vote on the bill is advanced or passed, the bill will be sought over the Higher Education Committee, who will have by July 11 to determine if it will remain intact for the remainder of this year. 

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