NBA’s Most Loved Player Ejected Over…..

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What is the NBA coming to? Everyone already knows it’s soft. But what happened during the Mavericks vs Warriors game the refs and NBA made one terrible decision.

They decided to kick the most loved player out of the game.

Yup! Boban Marjanović was just ejected over nothing. I don’t have time to type right now because it’s like 3AM and I need sleep. No wonder I’ve been getting sick. I need sleep. I made a video to show what happened instead.

How do you kick out the player that everyone loves the most? That’s the only thing that I don’t get. He even goes to help Jordan Poole up after he hit him. Showed that he was sorry. And didn’t understand at all why he was being kicked out. But guess what? He didn’t complain. He dapped everyone up and went on with his night.

Boban shows once again why everyone loves him!

Oh yeah. once again… The NBA is a joke when it comes to stuff like this! It wasn’t a dirty foul, you can tell when it’s a dirty foul. Common Foul? Yes. Flagrant 1? MAAAAYBEE. Flagrant 2? Not even close.

Oh yeah, the ref? Ed Malloy. I wrote a blog about why he sucks at refereeing – click here!

Or where did that ref go to high school? (Click here) He went to the same school as three other NBA refs. What’s the coincidence that happens?

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