NBA Trade Rumors: Nets, Blazers should trade Kyrie Irving for Damian Lillard

The Brooklyn Nets appear to be done with Kyrie Irving. Like ready for a breakup over an ex done.

After all, the Nets have told Irving to not report to the team because he can not play in any of the 41 home games for the Nets because of Irving’s refusal to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Irving has said that he’s not getting it to stand up for those who haven’t gotten it and have lost jobs over it. While that’s commendable and all, the Brooklyn Nets still have a franchise to run and a championship to try and win.

So if the Nets are done with Irving, and aren’t looking to extend his contract like reports have said, what do they do? Since Irving isn’t retiring like some had thought, this is the gateway for Nets GM Sean Marks to trade him.

Here’s a trade package to offer to the Portland Trail Blazers.

It would be very hard to pry Damian Lillard away from the Blazers, but a package involving Irving and two first round picks would have to be enough for Portland to consider it.

It would also allow for Lillard to strengthen a team that’s ready to win now in Brooklyn and play alongside Kevin Durant and James Harden.

Portland would get the chance to rebuild a bit, and having a bonafide superstar like Kyrie Irving doesn’t hurt. Plus he’d have the chance to play in a place where the vaccine isn’t mandated like it is in New York or California.

Having Irving in Portland would mean he’d be able to play for all 41 home games and the majority of road games that aren’t in New York or California.

This is Brooklyn’s chance to get rid of an issue in Irving and get better at the same time.

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