NBA Rumors: Kyrie Irving reportedly wants trade from Brooklyn Nets

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With opening night for the NBA rapidly approaching, the Brooklyn Nets are no closer to getting Kyrie Irving back into their lineup, as he continues to decline getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

With New York state guidelines enforcing all professional athletes to get the vaccine, Irving has refused it, and he’s not the only athlete to do so, as Bradley Beal is in the same boat, but he can play for the Washington Wizards. Andrew Wiggins finally let up and got the vaccine.

If Irving doesn’t get the vaccine, he is not allowed to practice or play for the Nets, which would Eli innate him from at least 41 games, and maybe more depending on where the Nets play and if he would be eligible.

We have suggested that it is time for the Brooklyn Nets to trade him, and many others agree with that sentiment.

Bleacher Report had a suggestion; a five-team deal to send Irving to the Sacramento Kings.

If the Philadelphia 76ers knew better, they would make this trade sooner rather than later since they’d get Damian Lillard and Bradley Beal, which would be a huge upgrade over Ben Simmons, who would head to Portland.

The 76ers tried to send Simmons to Portland in exchange for three first round picks and three pick swaps, but that was rejected.

The 76ers want to deal Simmons, but getting picks alone is going to be hard given how poorly Simmons played in the postseason, especially from the free-throw line.

With this proposed trade, it would allow a lot of teams who need to trade players the chance to re-shuffle their rosters and move players who need out from their current situation.

Portland would be blowing it all up in sending Lillard to Philadelphia and CJ McCollum to Washington. Washington would also get a fresh start too by shedding Beal’s deal, but wouldn’t be shut out of players.

Sith this proposed five-team trade, it could allow everyone to win, and more importantly, it would allow the Nets to rid themselves of Irving, as he has ran himself out of another city and franchise, like he did with Cleveland and Boston.

The Brooklyn Nets would still be title contenders with Kevin Durant, James Harden and Blake Griffin. In fact, adding De’Aaron Fox would make them younger, more athletic and gear themselves for the future with Durant and Harden aging each season.

If Irving isn’t willing to cooperate and wants out of Brooklyn, the Nets should accommodate the request as soon as possible.

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