NBA players comment on Texas governor ending statewide mask mandate

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Texas governor Greg Abbott has decided to one hundred percent open the state of Texas again and end the long mask mandate since COVID-19 first started. COVID-19 has started to slow down since last year, but you can’t deny people still need to be cautious. Obviously the decision is gonna draw attention because it’s huge debate in the country on the science behind the masks. I will tell you one thing, completing opening back up the state AND dismantling the mask policy doesn’t sound like a smart idea at the time. Plenty of NBA players commented on the situation, considering they’re gonna be traveling through the state to play games.

Josh Hart didn’t sound too happy along with Miles Turner.

Even Kendrick Perkins has to share his opinion.

Obviously the players have no impact on the outcome of any decision politically, but it raises a big question in the NBA with introduction of the COVID-19 vaccine. It’s been reported many of the NBA is scared of getting the vaccine which can lead to complications down the road.

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