NBA On TNT Crossover With AEW Dynamite Is Legitimate; Lebron James As Sting?

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Sometimes the weirdest combinations work.

For instance, have you ever drank milk while eating popcorn? Kinda messed up, right? It doesn’t make sense at all. Who goes into a movie theater and gets a big bucket of buttery popcorn but asks for a warm glass of milk too? Nobody does that. It is ridiculous. Well, I have some news for all of you – popcorn and milk taste pretty darn good together. I don’t do it EVERY time but yeah, it’s delicious. Try it.

That is what we were rewarded with on Wednesday afternoon. In order to hype up the big All Elite Wrestling Awards show for the Bleacher Report App, the official Instagram page posted a couple of cool NBA/AEW crossover images. I don’t even watch AEW Dynamite on TNT nor do I give two hoots about these garbage awards. However, these images are sweet. Let’s check out a few here…

You can thank the Bleacher Report Instagram account for those gems. The awards ceremony will be on the B/R App tonight at 7pm eastern time, if you care.

Me? Man, those pictures are cool.

I think the main event is the correct image: Sting and Lebron James tied together is the big winner. The way the beard pops out of the face paint with the Lakers logo underneath the famous black coat. Mwah! Amazing. Well done on that one. The rest are unique in their own way. The Klay and Steph tag team as the Young Bucks is logical, given their duo nature. I do feel bad for Kawhi Leonard having to play Orange Cassidy, but Mr. Freshly Squeezed is buddies with AEW/TNT brass, so he will continue to be showcased in all of this crossover stuff.

Then there is Darby Allin. Such a great look. For more on all of the pictures, head on over to the Bleacher Report Instagram account. Trust me, it will be worth it. same with popcorn downed by a nice tall glass of milk…

By Justin Watry (TWITTER: @JustinWatry) 

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