NBA Could Start On Christmas Day

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One of the biggest questions of the offseason is, when is the next season starting? Normally the season would start in middle/late October, but obviously, that’s not possible this year, considering the season didn’t end until October this time around. We heard multiple reports that the season could start anywhere from MLK Day to early March. This new report has the season potentially starting on Christmas Day.

This would be AWESOME. I love this idea, the NBA on Christmas day is a great tradition, now the season could start on Christmas? Sign me up. We have seen something like this before, the 2011-2012 season. That season was delayed due to the NBA lockout and started on Christmas Day. This idea is perfect, most people don’t even care about the NBA until Christmas time. The league could still play 70 games and finish the season around June/July. Then boom the NBA would be right back on track for the normal schedule. The reason why some people thought the NBA would want to wait until March is because the NBA could have fans back by then. But why wait until March? We have no idea what’s gonna happen with this virus, and when fans can even return. What if we get to March and fans still aren’t allowed? Then the NBA just wasted all that time and the league’s schedule is even more of a mess.

Nothing is finalized yet, these are just reports. This would be hard for the League to pull off. Christmas is two months away, the NBA still doesn’t have a draft date set. If the NBA wants to start on Christmas then they need to start moving fast. A more realistic approach for the league would be to start on MLK Day, play 60-70 games, and still wrap the season around June/July. If the NBA can somehow pull off the Christmas start that would be ideal. Basketball at Christmas is a wonderful tradition. It has been an annual tradition for the NBA since 1947, the league’s second season. I know this might sound bad but my favorite part of Christmas is the awesome NBA games every year. That probably says a lot about me. Please, NBA somehow keep this tradition alive.

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