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NBA Championship Odds Update After Playoff Brackets Finalized

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The NBA postseason is just about underway and as fan’s sit back and get ready to gamble and drink some beers I’m going to give you my top three odds for winning the NBA Championship.

Guess who is still the favorite to win it all?

Just take a quick guess. The same team that’s always the favorite. The one that’s an entire starting All Star team. With Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green all on the same page the entire NBA must watch out. Don’t you think other teams are getting sick of seeing Golden State win? The Golden State Warriors are at -200. The Warriors will face off against The Los Angeles Clippers in the first round of the playoffs. The Clippers are at (+25,000) so if you’re wondering who the safest bet is… It’s the Warriors.

The Second Favorite?

Behind the Warriors we have the Milwaukee Bucks whose odds are at (+600) in NBA Championship odds. Now here’s the thing. The Detroit Pistons (+25,000) and Milwaukee Bucks will be facing off in round one. And well shockingly I actually expect this series to be a tight one. If Blake Griffin who has been battling an injury is a go for Detroit round one might not be a “gimme” for the Milwaukee Bucks. The Pistons have had some hot streaks lately and closed the season off with two huge wins to get them into the playoffs. But the Pistons don’t have the best NBA Championship odds. And if Griffin isn’t able to go for a game or two it’ll be Thon Maker who’ll be in the starting lineup. Maker was drafted by Milwaukee in 2016 and actually played with the Bucks earlier this season. Giannis Antetokounmpo and Thon Maker somewhat are similar in size but Giannis has a lot more strength on Maker.

The Third Favorite?

Then with my final lock we have the Houston Rocks (+1200) who’ll be facing off against Utah Jazz (+4000) round one finished the season on an 18-4 run and actually went 3-1 in the regular season against the Golden State Warriors. And last season you might remember they actually led the playoff series 3-2 against Golden State when Chris Paul strained his hamstring. The Rockets are on fire right now, and should be a team that you roll with if you’re betting. Now, I’m not saying they’ll run the Utah Jazz over in round one because Utah is known for playing tough defense but it’s hard to shut down the beard, James Harden.

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