Nate Diaz Smokes Weed During Interview

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Sorry, I know this is the least surprising headline ever, but I still feel it should be talked about. Today, Nate Diaz started an interview with MMAJunkie’s Mike Bohn by lighting up a fat joint while the reporter was asking his question. Classic Diaz move, but I still find it hilarious every time. Take a look.

I’m a fan of Mike Bohn, but could he have acted like any more of a narc here? Way to not acknowledge the weed smoking and keep it strictly MMA, dork. My favorite part is after Nate answers the first question, he proceeds to re-arrange his weed set up, probably doing something with a bowl, I don’t know, I don’t do drugs.

But why does the UFC even bother giving Nate more than the bare minimum of press obligations at this point? The guy clearly doesn’t give a single shit about what anyone has to say to him, and he’s one of the most inarticulate men I’ve ever seen. To promote the fight, the UFC should just let Nate smoke a ton of weed on instagram live and just talk about whatever the hell he wants. That’s where the promotions gonna come, not some nerd asking him about Leon Edwards while he’s blowing a cloud of smoke.

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