Natalie Monroe Wants Keemstar Canceled, Donates $10,000 To Elder Keemstar Accused Of Being A Rapist – @Keemstar @goIdandkisses @RSGLORYANDGOLD @h3h3productions

Natalie Monroe tweeted out some of her thoughts on YouTuber KeemStar and needless to say, she doesn’t like him.

If you don’t know who Natalie is, she has been in the adult film industry for a couple of years now and is one of the top creators on OF.

A couple of years ago Keemstar reported a story on Natalie, which she Tweeted out about today saying #FakeNews!

At this point Natalie was already fed up with Keemstar.

Natalie, just like most of the Internet, watched H3H3 Production on Keemstar and couldn’t believe it!

Remember the old guy that Keemstar called a rapist? Tony!

Well.. Natalie couldn’t imagine going through what he had too, so she just dropped a HUGE money bomb on him during his Twitch stream today around 8pm EST.

How much, $10,000!

Yes, she went into Tony’s chat and donated $10,000!

Tony’s reaction?


When someone asked what he would be doing with the money he said, he might actually be able to buy a house.

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