Natalie Monroe, 25, Is Making Over $150K A Month Selling Racy Photos Online | @goIdandkisses

The average salary in the USA is $3,714 a month. Natalie Monroe on the other hand? She is making $150,000 a month by selling her racy photos online at the age of 25!

Natalie Monroe is making 40X the monthly average salary of someone living in the United States of America by selling pictures online?! Crazy, right?

She is only 25 and making $150K a month online, welcome to 2020!

Natalie is a creator on OnlyFans which is a premium subscription website where the creator can set the boundaries.

Before she started making content online she worked in retail as a sales associate.

She’s been on the platform for roughly one year now and she said that she thought when she started that she’d be making $3K if she was lucky.

During her free-time she enjoys spending time with her family.

On top of growing on OnlyFans her social media platforms are growing like crazy with over 1.5M followers on Instagram and 500K on Twitter.

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