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My MSN Messenger Profile Picture Was Matthew Stafford’s Face When He Was A Rookie, I was only 11 years old! #OnePride

I have been watching Matthew Stafford on the Detroit Lions since I was 11 years old? How crazy.

How the hell do I remember watching the quarterbacks before him? John Kitna, Jeff Garcia, Joey Harrington, Dan Orlovsky, and Daunte Culpepper just to name a couple of them.

What’s crazy is looking back at how fast time flies. I remember when Detroit drafted Stafford, I had an MSN messenger account and decided to make my profile picture a closeup of Matthew’s face…. Just his face too, not him playing quarterback.

Let me do a google search quick and see if I can find the image.

I just wish we could rewind to those rookie days, Stafford would be a Super Bowl champion on 50% of the teams in the NFL by now, but instead he’s been stuck in Detroit.

I’m glad he has, but I feel bad for him. Well that’s besides feeling for the millions and millions of dollars he makes, his stunning/awesome wife, and happy family. Deep down, I do feel somewhat sorry for him.

Oooooh! The google search worked, I found it and the quality fits perfect with 2009.

Bring us to the promise land Matthew!

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