My Message To Everyone Mad About Michigan’s Quarantine Laws / Gov.Whitmer

I’ve noticed an outstanding amount of hate on social media over Michigan’s quarantine rules. Michiganders even started a Facebook group “Michiganders Against Excessive Quarantine” that has over 300,000 members in it. Needless to say some people aren’t hapy being locked inside. 

Here is my message to everyone in Michigan – Michigan is a hot spot for the COVID-19 virus with over 1600 deaths with hundreds dying a day. This should be taking as serious as can be and this is coming from some who enjoys partying and being around people. 1600 deaths.

When most people are dying you’re able to go say your last words to your family member… You can’t with this virus that’s 1600+ families impacted from death SO far in our state alone and they couldn’t even say their goodbyes. That doesn’t include the tens of thousands still ‘recovering’ and the thousands of new Michigan cases daily. There isn’t a vaccine for this yet, this isn’t like anything else that hit us.

There is a reason Gov. Whitmer is putting these harsh rules into place and extending the lock down. If this virus hits the Upper Peninsula of Michigan hard, the hospitals will NOT have enough room. Some DRs have stated that by the time this virus is over it’s very possible that every single one of us knows someone who passed away from it.

Right now for the first time is our lives we all have opportunity to make sure the way our of life continues and an entirety. 

I’d much rather have these tough quarantine laws than have my mother whose diabetic and has other heath issues get the virus. I don’t see many people from NY complaining, or Las Angeles. Some places it’s required to wear a mask. But you’re that mad because Whitmer doesn’t want you outside?

We should be more worried about making sure we make it out of this alive without majority of our population dying.


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