My Dream Thanksgiving Side Dish and What I’m Thankful For- Julia Rose | @JuliaRose_33

The days until Thanksgiving are ticking down and we’ve got a bunch of Thanksgiving blogs that’ll be published over the next couple of days, so stay tuned for those!

Ham, turkey, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie…. Those are all my favorite foods to eat during Thanksgiving. I’m sure you can mostly relate.

My preferred drink this Thanksgiving? White Russians and Naturdays! Can’t go wrong with either of them.

What’s my true dream Thanksgiving side dish?

Boobs. Everyone loves boobs. But the World Series flashers boobs might be loved just a little more.

What am I thankful for?

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Julia Rose. Yup! It’d be un-American of me not to do this blog because she’s honestly saving life in humanity. She’s saving the planet, one boob at a time.

Why can’t ladies walk around with their boobs out? They should be able too and Julia is pushing that case.

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say hi to snoopy

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the perfect weather to ride with the top off

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Roses are red. Poppies are orange…happy hump day

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I’m sure Julia has an awesome post ready for thanksgiving and honestly… I can’t wait! What’s better than food, drinks, and boobs?… Nothing!

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