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My Dream Super Bowl Halftime Show PT. 2 – Katie Bell Joins Julia Rose For The Performance Of A Lifetime To Raise Money and Awareness For Breast Cancer | @katieeeeebell @JuliaRose_33

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Yesterday I started my dream 2019-2020 Super Bowl Halftime show series and every couple of day’s I’ll have a blog that add’s to my dream halftime show that would raise money for breast cancer and be the best  entertainment.

The first performer that I’d have during the Super Bowl halftime show and who I mentioned in yesterday’s blog is Julia Rose.  Julia is an absolute rocket, plus she’s use to performing under big conditions. Her performance behind home plate of the World Series is among the GREATS.

But now we are on to the second performer….. Who is it going to be?….. None other than Katie Bell. Katie is one of the hottest girls on the planet and she needs to be brought up more often… And the perfect place? The Super Bowl. 

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Again… The idea of the halftime show would be to raise awareness and money for breast cancer.

How you ask? For the IG models and other women performers who enjoy being showcased and showing their body off they’d be apart of a special halftime performance and they’d give everyone watching at home an option to blur the TV for the 10 minutes for free…. or they can pay $5 to watch the real halftime show, uncensored.

For all the money that’s brought in from everyone purchasing it for $5 donate it to the fight against breast cancer!

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Could you imagine having these two girls perform at halftime? The amount of money that they could bring in for breast cancer awareness? It’d be unreal. The platform of the Super Bowl is huge and halftime is ‘suppose’ to be one of the biggest entertainment events of the year and every year it’s lacking something…. I’ve got the fix…. It starts with Julia Rose and Katie Bell.

Stay ready for the next blog… coming Thursday when I’ll announce who I believe the music should start with. But for now if you missed the first blog with Julia Rose, click here.

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Remember now… It wouldn’t be the first time boobs were shown during the halftime show at The Super Bowl…. Janet Jackson… And it’s talked about every single year, let’s just normalize boobs.

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