Must Watch: Baby Ariel’s Top 5 Most Viewed Tik Toks Out Of Her Last 30 – Proving Why She Continues To Grow Her Fame | @BabyAriel

Today’s TikTok feature is one of the most popular TikTokers, coming in at over 30.6M followers and growing daily at the masses it is Ariel Marti, aka Baby Ariel!

There are some people who you see on TIKTOK who you don’t think will last after the app slows down, Ariel isn’t one of those. She was in the spotlight before TikTok and that isn’t going to be changing. She’s teamed up with other creators over the last couple of years and it’s paid off big time.

She has worked her way into Disney movies, onto the video game The Simms, and has even signed with Creative Artists Agency as she continues to shine!

She’s also best friends with the popular Jacob Sartorius who I’ll be featuring on this blog series soon! Ariel is still gaining millions of views each and everyday from the TikTok app, if you’d like to follow her, click here.

Let’s jump into her top 5 most viewed TikTok’s over the last couple weeks:

5. Coming in at #5 with over 3.2M views:


they thought i really called someone @zachclayton @jacobsartorius

♬ original sound – deco2ta

4. Coming in at #4 with over 3.4M views:


payback @jacobsartorius

♬ original sound – localkateynn

3. Coming in at #3 with over 3.9M views:


lol i didnt listen to the whole thing

♬ bryce xavier rockstar – officialbrycexavier

2. Coming in at #2 with over 4.3M views:


i am crying. @drakebell

♬ I see the problem – relation.audioss

1. Coming in at #1 with over 4.5M views:


is this real life

♬ original sound – babyariel

As you can tell… if you’re pumping out that many millions of views, worked your way onto Disney and continue to grow daily… Ariel be sticking around for awhile.

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