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MUST SHARE: Upper Peninsula Fire Department Issues Statement That Seeing Birthday Parties Have Been Canceled They’ll Drive By Houses of those Celebrating a Birthday and Celebrate With Them From A Far! (Houghton)

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Houghton Fire Department in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula came up with an awesome ideas for those who are celebrating a birthday, but can’t do anything because of social distancing.

The post explains that if you’re in the Houghton Area to message them or call the fire department and leave a message.

They’ll do everything they can to try and make birthday’s fun, they’ll drive by, wave, and shout happy birthday for whoever is celebrating.

Hopefully we see more departments throughout the U.P do this.

“We know a lot of birthday parties have been cancelled due to the social distancing policy, but we would like to offer another way to help celebrate! We can drive by, wave, and shout Happy Birthday in the fire truck!

If you have a child celebrating a birthday (during this stay at home mandate), please feel free to message this facebook page, or call the fire hall at 906-482-0009 and leave a message and we can find a time to stop by!

This is for City of Houghton households only. If you live outside the city, we can try to get you the correct contact information for your local fire department.

Please help spread the word by sharing our post!”

What an awesome move!

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