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Must Share: Store Deposit Stolen From U.P Gas Station After Stores Grand Opening

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According to a Facebook post the deposit from a new business called UPtown Gifts was stolen Sunday. The incident happened after the owner left the recently opened business and was parked at a gas pump at Elaine’s Gas Station in Ishpeming, Michigan.

This occurred at approximately 6:30 pm. Robin who is in charge of the store deposit says that she was parked right by the gas pump when she came out she noticed that the significant amount of money was gone.

Anyone with any information, please call Ishpeming Police Department 906-486-4416. The police are looking into watching the cameras to see if they can see what exactly happened.

Hopefully the camera footage can help this be found. I know the power of social media so be sure to hit that share button, go above or below and click the “F” or go back to where you seen this and click share.

Let’s do our part.

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I’ll update you as soon as I hear more information.

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