The Curse Of Oak Island

Must Share: Someone is selling FAKE Oak Island Tour Tickets! Be Aware.

According to a post by Friends Of Oak Island they have confirmed that someone is selling FAKE Oak Island tours under their name.

“We suspect an individual has been reaching out to people through social media outlets and email lists that were compiled from contacts with people seeking tickets. We understand that this individual has been charging $30+ per ticket for our tours and may have been making offers as early as September 2018.”

“As tour season is fast upon us, we ask everyone who has purchased tickets for any of the large public FOIS tours visit… to authenticate your booking. You will need to log into Eventbrite, as you did to purchase your tickets, to enter the reservation number you have or the name you booked the ticket under and ensure your booking appears.

Friends of Oak Island tour tickets are limited each year to ensure the safety of our guests and integrity of the Island for future generations. For that reason and with deep regret, we will not be able to honor any tickets without valid reservation numbers OR any tickets where the name of the booking does not match at least one of the people attending the tour.

You must confirm your own booking via link in this post; we are not able to confirm the booking for you.”

If you have any questions please email Friends of Oak Island. –

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