Murder victim Breck Bednar’s family being ‘taunted online’ by Snapchat account and blogs


Lewis Daynes lured Breck Bednar who was 14, to his flat in Grays, Essex, and stabbed him to death. Daynes is serving a life sentence, but Breck’s sister Chloe said the killer had sent her disturbing messages on Snapchat.

Kent Police has confirmed that officers had received a report of malicious communications.


Ms Bednar said the messages left her in shock, adding: “I received things like ‘I know where your brother is buried’, ‘I’m going to smash his tombstone’.”

But Breck’s mother Lorin LaFave said: “If the police need to have information about an account that’s harmful… the police deserve that right to get information.”

“Some of the messages were coffins,” she said, “There were skulls, eyeballs, like ‘you’re being watched’.

“They were asking questions, making comments saying they would dig up Breck’s body, smash his headstone, break Lewis out of jail.”

“They’re trying to scare and harass and upset my daughter, and teenagers have enough to go through.

“The last thing we need is people online being allowed to say anything and do anything.”

Here is the story:

On top of all of this, the killer also has posted two blog posts throughout the years as well.

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