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Mr. Beast Plans To Put A Flash Drive On The Moon? When Earth is Gone Your Picture Will Be On The Moon? You’ll Be Able To Buy One? | @MrBeastYT

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Dave Portnoy from Barstool Sports recently leaked some information on The BFFS podcast about what popular YouTuber Mr.Beast is working on.

If you follow Mr.Beast at all, you’d know that he is changing the content game… But also much more than that. Mr.Beast is planting 20M trees, running a burger shop that is taking over and has been the #1 food app – needless to say his plans are out of this World. I’m shocked that he didn’t go to Warrington college of business!

But according to Dave Portnoy who was recently on the phone with Mr.Beast, Mr.Beast plans to send a flash drive to the moon so your picture will live on for longer than the Earth. I’m assuming everyone would pay something like $100 for a picture? And he’d take them all, upload them, and get them to the moon.

Portnoy said that if anyone other than Mr.Beast was telling him this, he’d think that he’s nuts.

Mr.Beast told Portnoy that he rented a spot on the moon for it from NASA.

You can watch the episode of Portnoy talking about it below:

Mr.Beast might have been hinting on this coming through some recent tweets:

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