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Mountain Dew messed up this time! The U.P isn’t apart of Wisconsin and Yoopers Are Pissed! This Yooper Is Demanding Free 12 packs for life. #MountainDewMessedUP #MountainDewFuckedUp @MountainDew

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Come on, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan is not a part of Wisconsin! It is a part of Michigan. How is it that hard to understand?

How are you going to put in millions of dollars into an ad campaign but still fuck it up?

Will there ever be a time when a company doesn’t do this?

I feel like every single year it’s the same damn thing. But this time it was Mountain Dew that messed up.

I don’t want to be known as a Cheesehead, the Packers suck, Wisconsin stinks 💩, and the Upper Peninsula is God’s Country!

Remember the last company that did this? It was TickPick and the owner traveled to Marquette to try and make amends.

You know what?

I think I deserve a free 12 pack of Mountain Dew every single day. Just because of this mistake. I am demanding it actually, Mountain Dew… If you need my address DM me. Click here. I drink about a 12 pack every other day so yeah, fix this!

I’m not the only one – how about every single person in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan gets a free 12 pack, maybe not every day.

But you know maybe once a year?

You know, just to say you’re sorry.

If you’re reading this Tweet Mountain Dew and use the hashtag #MountainDewFuckedUP or else #MountainDewMessedUp

I’m sure you actually don’t care because you’re going to make your billions anyway, but maybe you should care.

We are Michigan!

We aren’t Wisconsin.

The worst part for me?

Besides hating Wisconsin and that they need to finally get the map right – Mountain dew is my favorite drink.

I’ve drank about seven of them today. Nice and Ice Cold.

I’m not the only one upset, here are some other Yoopers:



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