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Mosconi cup 2020 is going to begin in December more enthusiastically. This one is the biggest nine-ball pool tournament among the world’s most popular teams. This event holds everyone’s’ excitement for the whole year. People of Europe and America treat this tournament as a yearly event. Especially the pool fans wait to enjoy the matches live from the venue.


As this year, a pandemic situation is going on, the only option you can try is live streaming. Let’s know how to watch Mosconi cup 2020 live online?

What is the Mosconi Cup 2020?

Mosconi cup 2020 is the most popular yearly nine-ball pool tournament. This most significant event of the year presents the Europe team and the America team facing one another. This event takes two teams, 20 matches, and four days to complete.

This pool event cup was named after the famous American pool player Mosconi. At the very beginning, this tournament was more like an exhibition match. But as the time passed and popularity grew, the Mosconi cup made its appearance a formal annual pool tournament. The very first Mosconi cup tournament was held in 1984. Since then, America has won the trophy most. Also, America is holding the winning tag in a row for the last two years. All over, America has won 13th matches till now.

In the year 2020, people are holding their breath if Europe will grab the trophy or America will be the winner again.

When will be the Mosconi cup 2020?

Mosconi cup 2020 is going to start in December. This event is a four-day-long tournament, which will start on 1st December and end on the 4th December of 2020.

Where will be the Mosconi cup 2020?

This year this partypoker event Mosconi will happen in the Ricoh Arena, Coventry in the UK. But it was decided that Mosconi cup 2020 will take place in Alexandra Palace, London. As the lockdown because of the corona isn’t ended yet, the authority has changed the venue.

How to watch the Mosconi cup live?

Well, you can enjoy Mosconi cup 2020 live both on Tv and your favourite device. There have some channels that hold the broadcasting right of the big event. You need to find out the one that is available in your location. Also, online streaming services are available to serve both the recorded and live matches. There you need to pay some bucks to enjoy the whole event. Not only this, in this tech era, nothing is impossible. You can watch the whole event even when you’re not allowed to get access. Besides, the free options are also available.

Isn’t it amazing? With some tricks and tips, no sports fan would miss their awaited event. Through broadcasting channels or online streamers, everyone would get to watch the whole event live. Let’s discuss these in detail.

How to watch Mosconi cup 2020 live with cable?

Tv network is the easiest way to have access to enjoy the whole event. But the official broadcasting access varies depending on the location. You can rely on Sky Sports, Fox Sports, ESPN, and the others to grab the live watching opportunity easily sitting on your sofa for the official channels.

How to watch Mosconi cup 2020 live online?

Live streaming channels are the best ways that can help you to enjoy the Mosconi cup live from anywhere. Suppose you’re in the office or outside, you would not get to watch the match on Tv. In this case, the online option would be the best for you. Also, here you’ll get both the option of live streaming and recording. Let’s know the popular streamers that can help you to watch Mosconi cup 2020 online.

●     Fubo Tv

●     Sling TV

●     Hulu Tv

●     Direct Tv

●     Roku

Fubo Tv

Fubo Tv is one of the famous and reliable streaming options to try. Here You need just a good internet connection and a device to stream the event. To get access to this fantastic option, you would need to pay some bucks. This service would cost almost $45 for enjoying sports events live for the full month. Also, there has trial and yearly options. You can try whatever you need.

Sling TV

Sling Tv is another option that would be a great shot to try. Especially the Australian population use sling Tv the most because of good Hd quality broadcasting ability. You can watch the matches directly by purchasing a subscription. For the membership, you would need to spend $25 bucks.

Hulu Tv

Hulu Tv is one of those popular web Tv stations where you would get easy access to Mosconi cup 2020. This one is super easy to control and available in the play store. What you need is to get a suitable device and internet connection. Also, you can try the free trial option as a new member. Besides the monthly, half-yearly and yearly packages are available too.

Direct Tv

If you’re searching for something with high-quality service, direct TV would be a great one to try. This web channel is super reliable and holding the trust of their subscribers for 30 years. For being a subscriber, you would need $70 bucks per month.


Mosconi cup 2020 would be easily found in Rok. Roku is a great platform to try if you want an easily accessible channel. All you need is to install the Roku on your mobile. So, get a good internet connection and device, get a subscription, and enjoy the whole Mosconi cup event live.

How to watch Mosconi cup 2020 live on social media?

What if you’re unable to have access to both the cable channel and streaming services. Many Mosconi cup fans don’t want to miss the matches and don’t have the extra bucks to spend on streaming services. For those, you would quickly get the live streaming on matches on social media.

What you would need is the account on social media. Lets’ know where you would get the live stream of Mosconi cup 2020 for free:

●     Facebook

●     YouTube

●     Reddit

●     Twitter

If you have an account on any of these platforms, you don’t have to search for other free options. Here you will get the official pages of this tournament. You can search for them to enjoy the live event.

Besides, many fans from all around the world stream their favourite matches on their account. You’ll get to catch the event there too.

How to watch Mosconi cup 2020 from anywhere in the world?

This thing is an excellent issue for many. Many fans can’t get the event watching access. In this case, you have got a great solution. You can try VPN here. Just install a good VPN, open your account, and sign up. Then select the location as the USA. This step will hide your real Ip address and allow you to watch any of the events that have restrictions based on location. With the super solution, you can use any streaming channels easily. You no longer need to miss your favourite matches. Just have a VPN and choose the membership of any of your favourite streaming options. And you’re good to go.

Final words

Mosconi cup 2020 is another name of celebration. The American and European people and the fans of the nine-ball pool wait to enjoy the annual event. If you were also searching for ways to watch the event from home, I hope this article helped you enough. Now you can enjoy the whole event both live online or on cable.

Thanks for reading till the end. Don’t forget to share the joy of watching this event with your friends.


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