Mortal Kombat 11 Added Friendships And They’re Amazing (Mostly)

With the massive Aftermath update now live for MK11, Friendships have been added as an “alternative” to the brutal Fatalities. They were formerly a staple since MK2, which was introduced as a middle finger to Karens complaining about the violence but as people realized this is a violent video game, controversy decreased so Friendships were dropped. They were hinted for a return in the MK 2011 reboot but Babalties were brought along instead (pretty self-explanatory, your opponent turns into a baby). Slowly but surely Friendships were teased in MK11, such as a prefight dialogue mentioning a rabbit in Kung Lao’s hat (his friendship in MK2) and Joker’s first Fatality, which is a sike move from a Friendship turning into a Fatality.

10/10 Fatality by the way.

But now they’re here, and I’m gonna quickly rank them, so watch the video so you know what the hell I’m talking about.

Shang Tsung: 8/10, short, sweet, and a classic reference to his MK2 Friendship. Strong Spongebob imagination vibes. His smile is so goddamn adorable.
Shao Khan: 7/10, another short and sweet one, love the Test Your Might reference and classic Shao Khan quote ranks on the bottom, like “you suck” and “path-etic.”
Frost: 5/10. It starts off fine, ok she’s ice skating, then she starts spinning but her head stops but her cyber body keeps spinning. Get it out of my fucking head.
Nightwolf: 6/10, kinda boring but the spirit bear on the ball boosts it a bit.
Joker: 9/10. Just like his first Fatality, its a sike move that goes from a Fatality into a Friendship. Gotta love the Batman reference. Brilliant.
Johnny Cage: 7/10, once you realize Johnny is referencing the classic Warner Brothers Singing Frog dance, you’ll appreciate it more.
Sonya Blade: 4/10. Her pet turret killed a random Tarkatan. That’s murder, plus how can that thing drag that body? Don’t like it.
Cassie Cage: 5/10. It’s on brand and the filters change every time but its kinda basic, just like Cassie.
Jax: 10/10. Easily the best one. No contest and we aren’t even done yet. Sexy sax version of the MK theme, referring to the immortal Epic Sax Guy meme, and the synths continue when he’s done. The MK youtube channel even uploaded an 11 hour version. King shit.
Spawn: 9/10, we’ve all been there, enjoying a guilty pleasure rom com and don’t want anyone to see. Keith David is just vibing.
Scorpion: 8/10, simple and adorable. We all need a solid hug sometimes.
Noob Saibot: 9/10, Noob goes so fucking hard on the jump rope then points to his shadow bros while going at it.
Baraka: 5/10, was kinda hoping he would feast on that cake.
Raiden: 10/10, the only one that challenges Jax for best in the game. Kidd Thunder is the fucking boy (he was Raiden’s MK2 Friendship for those who don’t know, shame on you) and the neon disco is so dope, which is a reference to a Light Balance dance video. The way Kidd Thunder looks up to Raiden after the dance is so cute.
Jacqui Briggs: 4/10, really boring but the glare from Jacqui towards the Kronika punching bag is kinda cute.
Sub Zero: 9/10. His little giddy dance before he brings out the ice cream cart is adorable and relatable (you’re not human if you don’t react like this if you hear an ice cream truck). Plus look at the cart, Scorpion dropped his cone while Goro has 4.
Kano: 8/10, he’s an Australian cooking on the barbie. What else do you need? We all feel like a grill master when we look at sizzling meats on the coals.
Kabal: 7/10, very catchy and simple xylophone tune.
Liu Kang: 8/10, great recreation of his disco MK2 friendship.
Kitana: 9/10, so freaking cute and its nice to see Mileena here knowing she’s fucking dead in the actual story. Rare sisterly love from them and its heartwarming.
Kung Lao: 7/10, choo choo. Lao’s little kicks are cute.
Jade: 4/10, its ok but her eating the candy with the wrappers on off the floor is a no-no.
Robocop: 10/10. We all knew what Murphy was going to do but goddamn did he do it. Plus he has a chain, classic 80’s cassette player, and an 80’s filter that stays on. Should be a Brutality for those sick moves, especially those little robotic knee jerks at the end.
Scarlet: 6/10, it’s kinda cute with her painting with blood (I know it’s morbid but this is MK after all). Like how her name is on the bottom. She’s so proud
Erron Black: 7/10, I like the ducks with the cowboy hats.
D’Vorah: 8/10, we all expect D’Vorah to do some gross shit so it’s surprising to see her with fairy tale esq butterfly wings with sparkles everywhere. Love it.
Kotal Khan: 8/10, probably the quickest one but it’s effective. Kotal is vibing while using his sun powers to give himself a killer tan.
Sheeva: 7/10, neat, and oddly satisfying.
Terminator: 9/10, his smile is so goddamn infectious as he styles on us with his motorcycle poses. There’s so many by the way.
Geras: 6/10, it’s ok, not very surprising knowing he uses sand as a power. His tongue stick out to finish it is a neat touch.
Kollector: 7/10, funny tune, and practical use of all his limbs.
Sindel: 1/10. How much effort was put into this one? Shitty opera joke and she just chugs the wine. Easily the worst one.
Cetrion: 5/10, kinda expected. Nice legs though.
Fujin: 9/10, very simple given his powers but his happy ass prancing and the music lift this up so much.

Overall: theres some great ones in there, like Raiden’s, Jax’s, Robocop’s, and Terminator’s among others but then there’s some safe ones that are eh, like Cetrion and Jacqui Briggs. Then there’s Sindel. Fuck Sindel, she was a bitch in the story mode too. Here’s that 11 hour sexy sax Jax video I mentioned earlier, you earned it.

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