Monumental Move: Is the WWE Changing WrestleMania XXXVII Date?

How bad does the WWE want to have WrestleMania XXXVII in front of a live crowd? Apparently, badly enough that it’s considering moving the date. Recently, the usually-reliable Twitter account WrestleVotes tweeted:

The WWE has repeatedly tried to schedule shows in front of crowds. You’ll likely recall how the promotion waited until the last minute before canceling its plans to hold WrestleMania XXXVI at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa- that is until authorities made it clear it wasn’t happening.

Vinnie Mac would likely go bonkers if he plans another live event only for it to be canceled.

Since then, the WWE has talked about returning to live events. Last summer, the WWE planned live events in late July but had to cancel them. There was also talk of the Royal Rumble

being held in front of a crowd but rumor has it the WWE nixed these plans, feeling it would be too much work to move from the ThunderDome to another venue.

The bottom line is that the pandemic continues to prove problematic as there is no predicting when things will subside enough that the WWE can plan live events with any certainty they won’t be cancelled. Factor in the new Presidential administration and a Democrat-controlled Congress and there could be more stringent regulations on public gatherings.

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