Monday Night Football Preview: Browns @ Jets!!! OBJ Comes Back To The Big Apple

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Monday Night Football is an American institution. It has risen in our hearts right up there with apple pie and cracker jacks. This Monday night however is an abomination to that legacy. The Browns are going to win this game by 100. This might be the first ever game called from a mercy rule ( I know that’s not a real thing). I mean really though the Jets starting QB Mr. Sammy Boy has mono. C.J. Mosley the captain and backbone of our defense is out. (did you see what happened against the bills when he left) Oh and the biggest reason you should bet your house, your mothers house and your mistresses house on the Browns -6.5 is because they are playing the New York Jets.

The saddest ran franchise in sports history only second to the tied at first New York Mets and New York Knicks. We strive for just mediocrity every year with this Jets team. “Hey maybe we will go 9-7 or 8-8 and make the wild card”. That is considered an amazing year with this team and it’s really starting to annoy me after this 30th year of rooting for them. In my time rooting for this team the most note worthy thing about the J.E.T.S Jets Jets Jets is the goddamn butt fumble. That’s our greatest accomplishment. The way they lose games in such different and unique ways would almost be magical if it wasn’t so sad.

So follow me everyone and bet your entire life savings on the Browns tonight, it’ll be the first time the Jets would have made me smile.

Oh and it’s OBJ’s first game back at MetLife coming off an embarrassing loss so yeah more actual football facts to take the Browns.

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