MLB Acts “Tough” By Removing Players’ Faces from Websites Due to Lockout (picture)

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I am just laughing at this point. The MLB is such a joke. It sucks because baseball is my favorite sport, but the way that it’s managed makes me laugh.

One of the first moves MLB has done with the lockout starting is…. removing players’ faces from the teams websites!

WOW! You sure got right at those players MLB. They are such a joke of a league. Of course they are the one that will be probably be in a long lockout.

This is soley because of Rob Manfred. He is the worst leader I have ever seen. You had this shit anticpating for months and the final meeting you have is 7 minutes long. Are you serious?

He was so salty that he wanted players’ faces to be removed from the sites of MLB teams. It really is just comical at this point whatever moves he makes.

The bright side is that the lockout is happening now and not right before Spring Training. There is plenty of time for the Owners and Union to get an agreement done. Ideally, if you can get it done a little bit before Spring Training it would help a lot. There are many free agents on the market still, and they can’t do anything until an agreement is made.

Now, we wait and see what other stupid stuff occurs with Mr. Manfred. My guess is that it will not be my last blog about him.

I just want baseball, please just figure this out guys. Thank you!

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