Mitchell Trubisky Has Bears Fans Missing Jay Cutler

Mitchell Trubisky is so bad Bears fans want Jay Cutler back? It seems like that he is so bad they are begging for Cutler to return to the team and how sad is that?

Friendly reminder Bear fans the Bears traded up to get Trubisky in the same draft that Patrick Mahomes was in but the Bears would of ruined him indefinitely. I just do not know how it can be that bad where fans would beg for Jay to come back and save this franchise. Did the Bears really think they would beat the Packers tonight? I’d tell the NFL that all my players had COVID and just forfeit the game.

The Bears are a train wreck of an organization and they really do not seem to have much of a future and that is scary if you are a fan of that franchise and this is coming from a Jet fan that just submits himself into constant torture every single year so trust me I know the feeling.

The pain has to end soon. I just do not know when they will cut ties with Mitch because clearly he is going to be the one to turn this franchise around. Maybe it is to no fault of his own and he was put in a situation to fail but you have to wonder when is enough, enough?

I don’t know on that one maybe you evaluate in the offseason and come to some conclusion but you have to do something. Every week Mitchell goes out their on the field he is just dying a slow death and he knows the inevitable is coming…being replaced.

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